Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Mink Eyelashes in Life Hair& Beauty Salon Review!

Good evening lovelies! 

I was contacted by the lovely Stephanie Kehoe who is a beautician & general eyelash magician in Life Hair & Beauty in Sligo who asked if I would do a review of the salon to which I quickly accepted! She mentioned Mink Eyelashes and I was so excited about getting them done! I'm the eldest in my family and typically I'm the only one in the house who wasn't born with huge fluttering eyelashes, I have about three lashes. I always wear individual lashes on a night out because I feel totally naked without them. I had always wanted to try the Mink lashes and now that I have I fear I'll never be able to go back to my bald natural ones I was unfortunately born with. 

I headed up to Sligo early and arrived at Life which us very easy to find, on Pearse Road before town and they have a huge blue sign outside you can't miss it! 

From the second I went in the setting, the ambience and the staff were all faultless. I felt so at ease and wish I had more time before work to get more treatments! Stephanie brought me up to the room and straight away I felt like I had known her for years, we chatted so comfortably about eyelash length and size and she explained exactly how it would work and what to expect. We decided to go quite dramatic- 'go big or go home' one of my mottos, and I was dying to see the results. Stephanie had her own lashes done and they looked amazing! 

During the time Stephanie was doing my eyelashes I barely felt a thing. I have quite sensitive eyes and I thought they would water easily but they were fine! We just chatted for the entire time about everything and the time flew by! I've never had these lashes done before so I didn't know what to expect at all, and when she showed me the end result I was so happy! 

My eyes looked so much bigger and they looked so natural you couldn't see where the natural and false lashes met! I've seen people have Mink lashes done before and they never last very long in most cases and look very fake, but Stephanie is so brilliant I cannot recommend her highly enough. She gave me tips on how to clean them, using an oil free cleansing water and gave me a lash brush incase the tangled at night. 

Sorry for the brutalness of my brows I was growing them out! 

It's been a week since Ive gotten them done and I've had no discomfort, none falling out, no itchiness at all and they still look at good as they did the first day. I brush them twice a day (haha!) and I dont put any mascara or eyeliner on because you don't even need to they're so dark! I am totally obsessed with them, it takes me five minutes to get ready in the mornings and I feel so done up! :D They are meant to last for up to 6 weeks depending on how well you look after them, I'll keep you all posted! Here's what they look like now a week on- 

I just want to say a HUGE thank you to Life Hair & Beauty for inviting me down, and a special thank you to Stephanie for getting in contact with me and making such a fab job on my lashes! Aside from the fact that she is amazing at what she does she happens to be one of the loveliest girls I've ever met, I'd nearly go down again just for the chat! :p I am hooked now I reckon, so I'll be back soon girls! If you're heading to a wedding or just fancy fluttering new and full lashes hit these girls up and ask for Stephanie you will not regret it! 

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Til debt do us part, 

Elisha :) xo 

My Clean 9 Detox!

Morning all, 

It has been exactly one week since I completed my Aloe Vera Clean 9 detox, and I am feeling brilliant. My skin is even clearer, my hair is way shinier and I'm full of energy! I'll have some before and after pictures in a bit, but first let me explain to you why I did this.

When I was approached by Nicola Egan from Clean 9 I was very interested and curious about it, I was also very scared and thought it would be impossible. I met up woth Nicola a few days before hand and she ran through everything with me, advice, success stories, meal plans and general tips while on it. She herself looks so healthy and her hair is impossibly shiny so it made me even more determined! :D The detox lasts 9 days and it is designed to completely clean out your system, of toxins and help you shed fat. Loosing weight was not my goal with this, but I did want to totally clean out my system. 

The first two days are the hardest. In these two days you must only consume Aloe Vera juice, supplements, water and a protein shake. Make sure when you decide to begin the detox that it is at a time when you have nothing coming up during the week, no temptations! I have to admit I found the first two days very tough and long, but Nicola was incredible and I was so encouraging when I was texting her, I really wouldn't have been able to do it without her. 

After the first two days you feel really light and not even that hungry it's weird! Days 3-9 are comprised of consuming aloe, supplements, protein shake, lots of water and a 600 calorie meal. I was so looking forward to the meal and after buying all the ingredients for my mixed salad I took three bites and felt full haha! That didn't last two long as I found it easier to eat on the following days. I have a huge sweet tooth so I thought that would be the hardest but I found it ok, I would live on sweets if I could but while on this I wasn't looking for them as much. I weighed myself on day 3,6,9. I found that on day 6 I was my heaviest which shocked me and scared me a bit but it was just water retention as the weight was down the following morning and has stayed off! 

As the last day approached I was looking forward to finishing it. Not to pig out, but to see the results. I was delighted! I lost nearly two inches on my waist, 1.5 on my thighs and 1inch on my arms, considering I didn't have time to do any exercise I was very happy with these results! 

Since coming off Clean 9 I feel so great, so light and healthy, and my whole body looks better. I'm on better mood and my cravings for sweets has decreased a lot. This is by no means easy, I found it very tough and there were days I wanted to give up but with Nicola on the other end of the phone she was my rock for the 9 days! I'm pretty sure she goes way above and beyond her call of duty and I wouldn't have completed it if it wasn't for her. 

So since coming off it, I have been eating normally which would be healthy enough, with the odd treat here and there and the weight has stayed off thank God! It has changed my attitude towards food and makes you realise the junk you are filling your body with. 

The pack costs €155, and I would recommend you get in contact with Nicola, she explains everything in depth, she provides so much support and you are way more likely to succeed with her encouraging you through it! THANK YOU Nicola!!! Check her out on Facebook here:

If you're not on Facebook give her a call directly here:

So I lost nearly 6 pounds over the 9 days, could have probably lost more if I exercised but as I said, I didn't do it to lose weight, just as a system clean out!

Before Weight 8.7lbs

After - 8.1.5lbs

And this is this morning after breakfast, weight is still 8.1.5lbs, so I'm delighted because I have a few indulgences!

I hope this helped anyone who is thinking of doing Clean 9, thanks for all the support on the page as well from everyone! 

Elisha :) xo