Thursday, December 18, 2014

Lala Land beauty product drop!

Good morning lovelies! 

Today I bring you a review (from my very warm bed at 5.45am) all the way from LA! 

(I am of course not writing this from LA, that is just the birthplace of this product..)

Lalicious is a bloody amazing range from none other than LA.. 

When I heard we were getting this range in, I looked up about it and I was very excited! The thing that impressed me most was that it has no parabens or artificial fragrance in it, all the ingredients are natural! 

When I was asked to choose one thing in the range it was a no brainier. They have a limited Edition Peppermint Sugar Scrub which smells literally good enough to eat. Literally. A bit went in my mouth in the shower and I was not complaining! (It's obviously not recommended as part of your diet so maybe leave it just as a glorious body scrub.) I'm mint mad, and this smell brings me back to my childhood and eating copious amounts of After Dinner mints. 

Here's a little history about the brand-

Over ten years ago Lalicious creator Jessica Kernochan grew tired on her hunt for a body scrub which left her skin moisturised, so she created a revolutionary whipped scrub containing only natural ingredients which would leave your skin incredibly nourished, and Lalicious was born. 

Widely known in the US, it's very new to Ireland with Foody's Pharmacy in Harcourt Street being the only stockists! 

Now on to the review: 

Firstly- the smell- I have said it before but it really is amazing (as is the entire range). 

It has a fluffy soft consistency when you scoop it out, I use it everyday in the shower, it's gentle enough to use everyday. The scrub gently exfoliates dead skin cells & dry skin. 

It's the feeling after I love. Once it's washed off it leaves a layer of delicious natural oils on your skin with the addition of coconut & sweet almond oil. 

I've used a lot of scrubs and this one is by far the best out there. The whole range is amazing with hand creams, lip butters, body butter & of course the scrubs. 

Prices start at €14 and the peppermint scrub is €40 but it's HUGE. 

Can you believe it's Christmas this day next week?? 

Hope all preparations are going well, 

Til debt do us part, 

Elisha x :) xo 

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Insight-natural shampoo & conditioner range review!

Good evening lovelies! 

Today I bring you a glowing review of a new range of shampoo & conditioner we got in at work this week. When I heard we would be getting in a natural, no parabens, no SLS, no mineral oils basically nothing nasty, I was excited but thought "nah I'll stick to my 2 for €5 Elvive thanks".. When I was told that these were only €7.50 each for a 500ml bottle I bought it faster than a hair flick. 

I was blessed with having incredible fine, lifeless, and frizzy hair, (so lucky, right?!) So I've come to accept that I will never have Nicole-esque locks without the help of extensions, so when I used this range I was beyond delighted! 

There are a few different types to choose from- dry hair, damaged hair, coloured hair (the one I picked up) and Daily use. So whichever concern you have most choose the range to suit. I have a rich brown colour in my hair at the moment and it always fades so fast, so I wanted to try the Coloured hair range because it contains Henna which is great for intensifying and protecting hair colour. Now what I would say is this is better suited to people with brown or red hair as it will make your colour richer. Blondes should go for the Daily Use as it contains lemon oil, therefore maintains and brightening blonde. 

After I washed my hair, I noticed how intense my colour looked and when I dried it I couldn't believe how shiny and soft it was! The next morning I straightened it before work, and because my hair has a natural kink it never stays straight but today it held all day! I had so much body in my hair and it looked so healthy! The fact that this is natural there is no build up, giving your hair a weightless feel. 

Taken this evening after a full day of work & busing! 

Because they're only €7.50 I honestly don't think I would ever use anything else! 

Pick them up in Foody's Pharmacy in Ballina and Harcourt Street Dublin 2! 

Because you're worth it,

Elisha :) xo 

Monday, November 03, 2014

Alongcamepollly & Warehouse Collaborates

Hello guys! 

I was recently contacted by the very lovely people in Warehouse about doing a collaboration with them in light of their amazing AW Collection. I will never forget reading the email, I thought it was a joke at first! I have loved Warehouse clothes for years so this was a dream come true to work with them! Trying to chose what to wear from the collection was near impossible because I wanted it all, in the end I chose this beautiful faux fur jacket pictures below! When it arrived I was bouncing with excitement and dying to style it! 

Now, on to the important thing, the pictures!

These were taken by my other half/closet Demarchelier right beside my house in Dublin! 

The looks from my neighbours were hilarious. 

The leopard top I'm wearing is also from the AW Collection, links for both below! 

I would also like to thank Jane & the ladies in the Ballina Costume Company for making my incredible tulle skirt of my dreams!  

Buy the amazing jacket here: 

Buy the leopard jumper here- I have worn this a million times since buying it! 

If you are looking to update your wardrobe head on over to Warehouse now and pick up something amazing.. 

The clothes due to come in for party season will have you in years they're so beautiful..!

I want to say a HUGE thank you to Warehouse for contacting me especially Ester who was on the receiving end of my many mails! 

Head on over to my Facebook or Instagram to see the rest of the pictures! 

Thank you as always for reading,

Til debt do us part, 

Elisha :) xo 

Saturday, October 25, 2014

The Avene Experience Series Part 1

Hello! So this post comes a little later than expected, so unlike me, right? :p 
A couple of weeks ago I had a once in a lifetime experience and was brought to the Avene Hydrotherapy Centre and Head office in Avene, France. Having worked in Foody's Pharmacy (ahem Ballina & Harcourt Street Dublin!) for the past few years I have been aware of and loved Avene since the first day it arrived on our shelves. I have seen first hand the incredible difference Avene has made to people's skin, and did not think I could be blown away anymore by the brand. 

When I found out that I would be among the lucky 12 people in Ireland to be brought to the Avene Centre in France I nearly DIED. I am a skincare nut and to be able to see where the brand was born was a dream come true. I had never been to France either so the excitement levels were soaring at an unimaginable rate.  

 I will be breaking this post up in to numerous parts, the first which is this one, I will be filling you in on my trip, with lots of pictures and some interesting facts about Avene. In the following posts I will be concentrating more specifically about how the brand works, my experience in the Hydrotherapy Centre, Factory & Head Office and eventually giving skin care advice for different skin concerns. 

Ok, where to start? 

Avene is a small idyllic village nestled in the South of France. The story of Avene dates as far back to 1736 when a horse who belonged to Marquis of Rocozels was left loose to roam the Black Mountain in southwest France due to a severe skin condition which left him unwanted. After time, the horse's skin and mane became shiny again and his skin was completely cured, tests showed that this was down to him bathing and drinking from the Avene water.

Incredible isn't it? 

In 1743 Marquis of Rocozels the owner of the horse and the site built the first thermal spring facility in Avene to treat patients suffering from eczema, psoriasis, and burns. 

In 1871 Avene Thermal spring Water was sent to the USA for victims of the Great Fire in Chicago, which proved how incredible the properties are in the water.

(What the Avene Water looks like now!) 

In 1874 was the first of the biggest developments in the birth of the Avene brand as it was acknowledged by the French Government to be "of public interest", giving the water the credibility it deserved.

In 1975 the man behind the brand Pierre Fabre purchased the Avene Hydrotherapy Centre, which every year from April - October accommodates over 4,000 patients referred by GPs to help cure their skin conditions. 

Are you impressed yet? It really is the most amazing brand, and one thing that stood out the most for me, besides all else was the incredible ethic behind it which every single person working for the company posseses. From the second we boarded the plane in Dublin airport we were treated like royalty and for the four days I was there I didn't stop saying 'oh my god' at two minute intervals. The company has never been about sales or meeting targets as so many companies are, Avene truly believes in helping people and finding the right product for the patient. Every single person we met over there had been with the company for years, and truly loved their job so much, it seemed so far away from the busy corporate and sometimes anonymous lives we live in busy cities. 

When we arrived the surroundings were just incredible. We each got our OWN apartment with our OWN NESPRESSO MACHINE !(can you imagine the excitement????) It was sheer luxury, it didn't even feel real! 

( Making myself coffee approximately 30 seconds after coming in the door of the apartment. )

The first night we arrived we were invited to the fabulous restaurant on the Avene grounds for an amazing three course feast. Little did we know that we would be having THREE feasts every day for the entirety of the stay. BEST.HOLIDAY.EVER. 

The next day was by far the most life changing experience for me being such a lover of the brand. We were brought to the Hydrotherapy Centre which was located a two minute walk from our apartments. Since Avene has come in to the pharmacy where I work I have met countless people with all types of skin conditions many of whom don't even want to leave their house in the morning because their skin is so bad. After they begun using Avene the difference is unbelievable, and it gradually gives people a better quality of life.

I have rambled on for a bit now so I'll end this installment here! In the next I'll talk about my experience in the centre, the Avene Head Office, and some of the workshops I attended while over there. 

If anyone has any questions they would like me to answer or discuss in further blogs please comment or email me on 

I hope you enjoyed this and you've learned a little bit more about Avene! 

Until next time, 

Au Revoir 

Elisha xo 


Thursday, October 02, 2014

Warehouse exclusive Student Discount night!

Unless you've been living under a rock you'll have seen Warehouse's AMAZING new AW collection. The much anticipated drop has not disappointed. With something for everyone's taste, style and budget it is in my opinion the best AW capsule out now. And GOOD NEWS for all you broke ass students! TONIGHT from 5pm-7pm STUDENTS can avail of a HUGE 20% off when you present a valid student ID at the till! 

So I strongly suggest you skip Coppers tonight and save your dollas to pick up some pieces...

DJ Dan Stricht will also be in store from 5pm banging out the tunes, so really, it'll be like going out except you (probably) won't end up shifting yer man from your English tutorial or wake up with a horrendous hangover, it's a win win! 

So make sure you head down to South King Street (just off Stephen's Green) and don't forget to bring your student card! 

They have also launched their Mid Season up to 50% off sale so you are sure to find a bargain! 

Here are my picks:

Cape €35

Sleeveless coat €84

Leopard shift dress (I'll be wearing mine with over knee boots) €61

Pastel blanket scarf- €29

Don't forget to tag Warehouse with your new pieces @warestyle and use the hashtag #warestyle 

Til debt do us part,

Elisha :) xo 

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Guess who's back....

Well hello there lovelies, I can't actually believe it's been so long since I've written a proper post. I am so so sorry for completely abandoning my blog time has run away from me a bit in the past couple of months so my spare time has been limited to sleeping mainly! I have recently made the big move to Dublin and it's taken a month to start to find my feet and figure out some sort of routine in my life, which is still very much a work in progress! This post is basically a touch base on the goings on in my life lately because ALOT has been going on! Because of the move up and all the expense of houses and deposits I have done barely any shopping, but to be honest, winter is my favourite time of year for fashion so I'm excited to start filling up my wardrobe with cosy knits and oversized coats!

The move to Dublin from Ballina was, of course, very exciting, but it has been a huge change. My first week up here consisted of me getting lost ALOT, not knowing what a leap card was, asking bus drivers if I was on the right side of the road to get the bus home and very VERY early starts. So far, I love Dublin, I'm still finding my feet and I still think that I'm going to be mugged by every single person who walks passed me, but I'm slowly making the transformation from country girl to City slicker! 

One of the most exciting things that happened to me since moving  was receiving an invite to the Warehouse AW Press day, where I got a sneak preview of the INCREDIBLE new collection! I was up until all hours the night before, as it was my first Dublin Blogging event! On the way to the press morning I actually won a street style competition with Dublin Fashion Festival and won a €200 Arnotts voucher-sweeeeet! Here's a picture of my outfit!

I've picked up a few bits from the collection and I'm dying for the rest to arrive in stores...Ladies, keep your eyes peeled, it's by far the best AW collection out there! 

In the next coming weeks I will be doing a lot of winter essentials for men and women, and ALOT of skincare posts. Is there anything you would like to read? Please get in touch, all suggestions welcome! 

This was just a touch base before I fully dive back in to regular posting, I shall be filling up your news feed in no time! :D 

Until then, here's a few pictures of my life the past few months in outfits! 

(Using the word 'full time' a little loosely there) 

Climbing Croagh Patrick with my mama: 

My one and only holiday this year to the Aran Islands- if you've never been you need to go... Some Craic! 

Until next time, 
Til debt do us part, 

Elisha x :)