Wednesday, October 30, 2013

My pick of winter coats!

It's getting so cold out there, and the evenings are so dark the winter is really and truly HERE! Yay! This is my absolute favourite time of year, not just because of Halloween and Christmas, but because I adore winter fashion and all the traditions that come with this time of year. The token hot chocolates everyday, the extra layers, the roaring fires and that feeling you get in your tummy when you know Christmas is just around the corner....

Another integral part of this time of year is the quest to find the perfect Winter Coat. Now, I'm lucky because I have my perfect one, I got it three years ago for Christmas and it is my favourite jacket of all time. It's dalmatian print faux FUR. (!) I only wear it once a year for obvious reasons, and once dry cleaned, it's as good as new. It will take a very special coat to replace this one, because it's so warm, stylish and it goes with almost everything. I think it's FINALLY cold enough to wear it. 

For those of you who have not found your dalmatian print fur equivalent, I have devised this list for you, of the best winter coats at different prices, colours and styles. There are certain things you should spend money on in your wardrobe and a coat is one of those things. You will wear this coat nearly everyday for over three months and if you buy a good colour and timeless style you can have it for years. It's an investment really! 

You have to think about the type of coat you will get the most wear out of, the colour, the size whether you can fit lots of layers under it, and of course, your budget. A few different styles that I love and think are timeless, and would last for years are:

*The black wool coat,

*The Black Leather jacket (Zara has the best selection in my opinion because it's real leather, they offer different  prices ranges and they last for years. The one I have was my mum's NINE years ago and she gave it to me and its in perfect condition, so with this, it is worth spending the money.)

*The pop colour coat (red,pink,blue,white.)

*The Faux Fur Coat (leopard print is so timeless, as long as the print isn't cheap. It's one you do need to spend money on to get one that will last.

*The trench coat/mac in beige, red, black, keep it simple.

*The puffy parka (for those of you who love to be WARM above all else.)

*The Showstopper. That one coat that is so beautiful on it's own that you want to wear it as a dress. Just wait until you see it. 

 click here €28
 €79 click me
 €42 click me
 €35 click me
 €35 click me
 €27 click me
€114 click me
 €101 click me
 €30click me
 €34 click me

€5,225 I KNOW OK  if you can afford to click this i hate you

But it's just so beautiful..... Someday.....

So that's my round up of jackets, I tried to vary the prices as best as I can without compromising the quality. Happy Shopping!


Elisha :) xo

Sunday, October 27, 2013

A round up of outfits I wore recently....

Hello all, I have fallen quite behind on my outfit posts haven't I? I am sorry, I have been quite busy this week with work, rehearsals for my play, and sorting out my driving license application which I have been putting off for alot longer than I wish to admit. So it's sunday, and we all turned our clocks back last night, resulting in an extra hour in bed. That is unless you have an iPhone or smartphone because they do it automatically, which I find very unfair and even though you know this will happen, you still get up all confused and check Sky News to make sure your phone remembered. Just me? Ok, moving on! This is the outfit I wore yesterday. It was so cold and miserable I just wanted to be warm! The outfit was very simple, just a floral ASOS swing dress and my trusty Topshop jumper I bagged in the sale last year for €20. The dress on it's own is very nice, just a simple swing design with long fitted sleeves. 

There is a similar dress on ASOS here
Jumper is Topshop from last year, I found this gorgeous green cable knit jumper on Missguided here.
Boots are Penneys/Primark available now.  
Hat is Penneys: Black similar version on Missguided here

A few mentions- I apologise for the weird smirk on my face, I haven't quite mastered the pose one does while taking in picture in one's parent's room. Also the toilet in the background was not intentional. 

Here's an outfit I wore to work on friday, the tshirt is for our Christmas Club so I thought I'd go all out and add a bit more colour to the whole outfit. 

Shirt is Topshop similar on ASOS here
The shorts are Penneys and available now instore.
Gem stone hairband available on ASOS here,
Collar jewels I got on eBay for about €2, available here

This outfit was all Penneys apart from the Brogues which I got in town. 
Here is a link to an almost identical pair on eBay here

That's all for now, I hope everyone has a great night tonight if they are heading out for Halloween! 

Peace y'all :) xo

Sunday, October 20, 2013

These boots were made for walking..Men's Shoes..

Firstly let me apologise for completely neglecting the men's side of this blog, there were just so many pretty girl things to write about recently. But here is a whole post devoted to you men if you are reading, or if it's just your girlfriends/prospective partner looking for a few tips. It's not that we want to change everything about you, but if we could change one thing about some of you, it would probably be shoes. Wearing a nice outfit and then teaming it with that one pair of reliable black/brown dressy shoes you've had since your communion is an offense committed by many men. Just because they are at the bottom doesn't mean we don't see them. In my case, it's usually the first thing I see! I will reiterate the point that most men now pretty much know what they're talking about with style. Long gone are the days that dressing in a certain way labelled you with a particular sexuality. Men are wearing skinny jeans, tighter TShirts, and having fun with fashion which really just makes our quest of moulding you into what we want alot easier. So this post is devoted to shoes. I am an avid lover if brogues and chukka boots, on both men and women, but I did however try and squeeze in a few trainers! These are all available on ASOS. These should help select your perfect winter shoe that will take you from daytime-nighttime wear. 




River Island €60 

River Island €47



€202- I know they're really expensive but they're real suede and the colour is amazing- Ralph Lauren 





That's all for now, have a nice Sunday! :) 

:) xo 

Monday, October 14, 2013

Just another manic Monday...

Monday again, ugh. The weekend is so far away.. I remember not too long ago when weekends meant rushing home from college, shook, poor, and hungry; getting clothes washed quickly before heading back on the bus for a week of madness. Now, I live for weekends, with the allure of midweek drinking a much missed thing of the past. When I have a weekend off it feels like a holiday, even just for the three days. I try and balance my time between catching up with my sisters, wearing as many outfits as possible, and doing absolutely nothing. Saturday I headed in to town with mum and the girls wearing quite a casual look. 

Tshirt Celine Paris eBay link here: 

(Running a comp to win one, check out my Facebook page!) 
Jeans penneys (primark), belt penneys, 
Leather jacket Zara cheaper version from Romwe here: 

Scarf Zara: cool green ASOS scarf here: 

Boots New Look old stock 2years ago. 

Had a lovely chai latte in Costa too, it was yum! :) 

Today was mostly spent watching friends and gossip girl, researching for the blog, and alot of EATING. I'd say I've gained about two stone, thank god I'm not off every Monday. That's all for now.. 
Yes, Monday is nearly over. 

:) xo 

Friday, October 11, 2013

Finally an outfit post...

Hola....I just want to firstly apologise for my total lack of posting all week. It was a really busy week at work, and I didn't wake up early enough to plan outfits or tidy my room, so I had to randomly grab pieces from the clothes mountain on my bed..So everyday it was just boring black with nothing special added to it and really, really bad hair. So I thought I'd spare you all and just not post pictures! 
Anyhow, a new day is upon us and after tidying my room I found a few things I totally forgot I had! Today's outfit was quite quickly put together, and was simple but sometimes they're the best looks. I bought a black dungaree style jumpsuit in Swamp, put a white shirt underneath and a black jumper over. The dungarees are ok on their own but I just love the style of the bottom half so I preferred it with the jumper over. 
Dungarees , Swamp, on sale now €20. 
Shirt & jumper penneys under €10 each. 
Brogues Gerry Mcguires.

I love this jacket so much, I bought it off my mum, she never really wore it so I happily took it! It goes with everything. My dream is to own a waxed Barbour with red rose lining, I saw it on ASOS once but it was €350. This one was alot more affordable it was €120 in BT2! 

The next addition to my outfit is a Cameo Brooch mum gave me for my birthday this year. As a child I always loved it, so it's very special to me. :) 

That's all for now, but I do have a few posts coming up soon on my wardrobe, winter wishlist, and another eBay bargain find post! 
Also, check out my Facebook page 'alongcamepollly' for a competition I'll be running where you could win a Celine Paris Tshirt! 
Happy Friday y'all 

Peace :) xo 

Friday, October 04, 2013

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Hello, for those of you who have not 'liked' my Facebook or Instagram page.. Eh why haven't you?! It'll only change your life. Promise. My Facebook and Instagram are other places besides here that I post alot of additional information such as outfits, clothes in shops, inspirational fashion pictures, beauty buys, and random pictures! My Instagram us slightly more personal and a whole lot more random but if you want to get to know me a little better have a look for me my username for both is 'alongcamepollly' (obviously!) 

Thursday, October 03, 2013

'The world needs some excitement from fashion'

Here I quote the inspirational French Designer, Christian Lacroix. 
Never a truer word was spoken. In a world filled with angst, sadness, 'recession', and constant bad news filling our televisions and papers it has become second nature to accept the world as the media has painted it. However it's not all that bad is it? There will always be bad news, there will always be sad, heartbreaking stories, but if we are to focus on everything negatively, we may aswell thrown in the towel now. I'm quite a positive person, a trait that sometimes means I ignore problems and brush them under the carpet until it may be too late to resolve them; but I do generally try to have a positive outlook on life. As a wise person once said 'we're here for a good time not a long time'. That's not to say we should all ignore everything tough in life and live in some fantasy world- no, because then you miss out on the real world around you. What I am trying to say is that, we have control of certain things in our life, and style to most people is one of those things. Life is a bitch. Sorry to be blunt but it is. Maybe I'm mad, but, clothes are the one thing that will cheer me up when I've had a bad day. Fashion should be fun, and if you wear clothes with confidence than there really are no rules, only comfort. This post is about fun fashion, and a piece that has cropped up in recent fashion weeks, and that my personal style icon Carrie Bradshaw possibly began all those years ago- the tulle skirt. This is not for the faint hearted. But,  think everyone should try something once- this look won't be for everyone, but it's a personal favorite look of mine. I put it down to always wanting to be a ballerina but having two left feet so never being able to pursue that dream. Whether worn with a plain tshirt, an exaggerated collared shirt, a wooly jumper or a chiffon camisole, this is a look I have always loved. The longer lengths in this style are the most chic way to wear it, and also the most transferable for any age. Here are some pictures I found online of my favorite looks. I don't have links to buy any because my laptop only lasts for 10 minutes before it switches off so working off the phone until my sisters return from college! :/ 
This is one I bought on eBay for about €7, I hope it turns out nice when it arrives! 

The skirt that changed my life! (Almost) 

Now if any of ye have made it down to this point thanks for reading and whether you hate this style or love it, the moral is to just have fun with fashion and take risks, who cares if you look back in ten years and bury your hands in your head?! I once worse PURPLE leather trousers and a PINK SNAKESKIN leather jacket TOGETHER. I was 11, but still, and although I cringe looking at it, at the time I thought I looked gorgeous and it made me happy so really that's all fashion us about. Wearing what makes you happy. 


Peace & love :) xo 

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

All that glitters.....New jewellery at work!

I'm writing this as I lie in bed willing myself to get up and start the day, but I'll feel less guilty if I do something a bit productive while lying here. 
I wanted to share you a collection of affordable jewellery we just started stocking at work, all pieces are under €25, great quality and they are very on trend right now. Lots of gold, rose gold, spikes and bracelets, I have to stop myself from buying them ALL. I'll stop rambling because I'm still half asleep and I can just about master that. Here are some pictures: 

Gold spike chain €15
Gold rope chain €15
Black and gold collar €15
Rose gold spike chain €10

Two tone bracelets €10 each 
Gold bracelet €10
Woven chain bracelets €10 each 
Charm style bracelets €5 each 
This is the most expensive piece at €25 and you can see why. It would be a great addition to any outfit! 

They are my favorite picks in the collection, but there are lots more fab and purse friendly pieces! All available in Foody's Pharmacy in Ballina! Call 096 77998 to order or post anything! :) limited stock available, have a good day! 

Now, time to get up ugh. Life. 

:) xo