Monday, March 10, 2014

I like my make up how I like my men: Long lasting and leaving me with a glow..

As a woman, I face the lifetime struggle of finding the perfect beauty products. From the best foundation, powder, blusher, lipstick to the best primer, eyeliner and setting spray. We all really want the same thing, to look like a big ride; failing that, we want our make up to last LONGER. I have recently been converted to MAC Studio Fix Fluid, which is brilliant, great coverage, and lasts ages. I was happy enough with that, I didn't think I needed anything to prolong its lasting power. That was until I met Urban Decay All Nighter Make up Setting Spray. This little bottle is amazing. I had heard so much about the MAC setting spray and to be honest the only reason I went for this is because you can get a 30ml bottle for about €12, so it's great to try it out! It works by using temperature control technology, when you spray it on your face it feels quite cold, so evens your complexion, gives a quick blast of moisture and intensifies the colour of your make up. The result is a natural, dewy (for only a little while) and long lasting finish. I applied my make up at 11am for work and used the spray, I then took another picture at 12that night 13hours later without touching my make up, and it hadnt budged! Even my eyeliner behaved and didn't form a horrible smudged line a mile down my face! Here are some pics: 

That's before work...

And that's 13hours after, I was cold hence the scarf. I just had lipstick on in the second pic but nothing else was touched! 

So if you're lucky for a good value, easy to use and long lasting setting spray I would hot step it to your nearest Urban Decay counter and snap this little beaut up! Has anyone used it? What did you think? 

Thanks for reading! :) xo 

Sunday, March 09, 2014

From Russia with love

Tonight's post is dedicated to my ultimate style icon Miroslava Duma. Mira was the former Harper's Bazaar Russia editor, founder of Buro24/7, current freelance writer and full time fashion force to be reckoned with. 
Whenever asked the question 'who is your style icon?' I never really knew who to say. To be honest, although I admire celebrities style, they would never inspire my outfits. The real inspiration behind my style are the ordinary men and women walking the streets of Ireland, England, and New York to name a few; my friends, people in Bar Square on saturday night, my brother and sisters, and my mum..However, Mira Duma's style exudes the laid back, fearless fashion that echoes the fashion forward street style everyday person. I believe that fashion should always be fun, and you should take risks, if you get funny looks, who gives a shit?! You might say, 'no I'd never get away with wearing that', why not?! You're the only person thinking that! 

You can wear ANYTHING if you have confidence.... 

i wear black to work everyday, and as a person who owns a wardrobe largely consisted of colour, on my days off -if I'm not in pjs- I'll have fun with clothes...I love fashion so so much, and although what I wear may not be to everyone's taste I am happy in it and that is all that matters...
Oh look at me rambling.... 
Anyway the point is...Mira Duma always has fun with clothes, even if it's a casual outfit she'll wear a colorful scarf or amazing necklace to bring it from ordinary to interesting... Here are some of her recent looks: 

If you've made it down this far, thank you! :) the moral of the story is... 

You probably have a wardrobe full of gorgeous clothes waiting to be worn on 'special occasions', why wait?! Wear them now..! Take risks, you'll only ever regret something you didn't do..! I'm very conscious of sounding like a complete tool so I'll finish now, hope you enjoyed! Night :) xo 
Elisha xo 

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Vita Liberata NKD Skin tanning range Review!

Hello there, no, your eyes do not deceive you, I have written an ACTUAL blog post....I want to apologise for my complete lack of proper posts I have been so so busy and to be honest totally lazy, but Lent beings tomorrow and regular blogging is one thing I will improve on! 

The lovely people at Vita Liberata sent me a bottle of tan from their latest range the NKD Skin tan. The idea behind this is that you still get the great Vita quality but at a much more affordable price. This is being marketing for younger girls who want to look like bronzed beauties without it breaking the bank. The one I tired was the Tinted Liquid Tan in Dark. It's a 75ml bottle and costs around €10 which is INCREDIBLE for Vita which is my favourite tan anyway! It's a liquid spray, therefore easy to apply.i had exfoliated and moisturised the night before because I wanted the tan to come out perfect and last longer. The colour comes up instantly and dries in seconds, there is no smell at all, and it doesn't even feel like you have anything on your skin. The next morning I woke up REALLY TANNED so I was eager to shower it off-some tans don't require that you wash them off, but with this I would- I had to wash my hair so the shampoo probably took off a bit more tan than I wanted so be careful of this. I would recommend to have your hair washed already so in the morning you are literally having a warm shower and gently rinsing off the tan excess with your hands. No tan came off on the towel when I was drying and I had such a gorgeous deep glow to my skin. I put the tan on Friday night and having showered daily -I swear- my skin still has a slight colour with no streaking at all. It's no secret the love I have for Vita Liberata tan, but I know I'll love this range also. I used the dark, if you are pale maybe go for the medium as the dark may be too deep. There are lots of other tans in the range including a mousse and a wash off instant tan all for under €20. They are due in shops soon so I'll let he know when we get them at work!  

Until next time guys, 

Elisha :) xo