Sunday, April 19, 2015

What I wore- Castlemartyr Wedding!

Good evening all! 

I attended a wedding at the weekend in the very beautiful surroundings of Castlemartyr Manor in Cork. I fell in love with the scenic grounds and the decor inside the manor was just stunning! 

This was my first wedding as a 'grown up', and I stressed out a bit about what I was going to wear! Because we travelled to Cork and stayed two nights in the venue the budget for my outfit was a lot less than I would've liked! I bought my dress, headpiece and my bag on ASOS, the jacket and shoes were Penneys & I did my hair, tan and make up myself. I wish I took better pictures of mine & Daniel's outfit but we are both AWFUL for taking pictures! We're usually too busy laughing, eating or dancing and then it's time to sleep and we have three pictures of the whole day! 

Anyway here is my look in as good pictures as I have! 

The bag was the star of the show.. I can't wait to style this on my days off! 

Buy the dress here: 


And the BAG!!

It was the coolest wedding ever, with a Barbershop Quartet, a sweet shop, an Instagram booth, I'm so sad it's all over! 

This is quite a short post for me, but I'm as shook as a bag of cats. 

Hope you enjoyed nonetheless, enjoy your Sunday evening!

Til debt do us part, 

Elisha :) xo 


  1. The dress is fab! You looked stunning.
    Siobhan xx

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