Sunday, April 12, 2015

My Honest Charlotte Tilbury Wonder Glow Review!

A couple of weeks ago I gave in to temptation and bought the iconic Charlotte Tilbury Wonder Glow. As I was standing at the counter in Brown Thomas clutching a €50 note I was trying not to spend my entire month's wages on one of everything in the range. I decided to go for the wonder glow because I thought it was a great start off product and I still can't quite justify spending €65 on the contour palette. 

My first thoughts were on how beautiful the packaging is and how nice it feels to actually own a piece of Tilbury. I loved the smell instantly and I was as dying to try it. It's a golden champagne-y colour and it quite soft-almost mattiflying- when put on the skin. I had heard so much about the whole range that to be honest I was expecting it to completely transform my face in to a golden goddess with a face like Helen of Troy. Perhaps I was a little overzealous! It does give a lovely glow to the skin and makes your skin look very radiant, but I think, with my skin anyway, that it works better when wearing less makeup, or on no make up days. 

This is wearing it with relatively no make up just a tinted moisturiser! 

When I have nights when I'm wearing more make up than usual I have to say I don't know I if it actually makes too much of a difference..

As I said it's quite mattifying so oilier skin would love this to keep shine at bay and give light to the skin. 

The question, is it worth the money? 

Ok, firstly I'll answer this as a typical girl who loves products and buying endless new make up, and buying in general:

If you can afford €49 for a highlighter / primer then it's definitely one to add to the wishlist. It's a nice addition to your make up bag and it's my go to on no make up days because it makes you look like you have really good and healthy skin. 
And hello, all hail Charlotte Tilbury. 

However - if you really can't afford €49, on something that I wouldn't say is a 'must buy' then I would trot right on in to MAC and pick up a 30ml of Strobe Cream for €10, you cannot go wrong! This is more moisturising and when you are wearing heavier makeup it makes you look so god damn dewy. 

Have you tried the Wonder Glow yet? Will you be investing?

Let me know in the comments! 

Til debt do us part, 

Elisha :) xo 

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  1. Charlene Flanagan16 April 2015 at 14:39

    Great blog Elisha! You look beautiful in the pic! It sounds very like Laura Mercier Radiance Primer which I absolutely adore! I cant wait for my next trip to dublin to try out the queens range! I have my little savings pot all ready for a splurge! Wedding....what wedding lol!!! xxx