Thursday, November 28, 2013

Tricks to having a Champagne Wardrobe on a Lemonade Budget...Fashion for the Broke Girl..

Ah the story of my life really! But there comes a time when one must accept the harsh reality of living within a budget. Having been through college I know all about budgeting. I know that if I spend all my money in Topshop on monday, and if I'm going out three nights that week that I can survive on about €30 as long as I have a loaf of bread, a packet of eggs, a carton of milk and box of corn flakes. Ah college life. I miss it. But now I am in the big bad world and I need to be a bit more realistic, so, through many mediums such as internet, books, magazines, I have learned how to make the most out of your wardrobe. In order to create lots of outfits out of basic items you need a few things to build the foundation for your wardrobe, most women own the majority of these things:

The Leather Jacket:
It goes with EVERYTHING, punk, pretty, girlie, goth, boyish, you name it. Buy one that is relatively simple in design because that way it will never date.


The White Shirt:
This is an age old rule. A white shirt will create so many outfits. Workwear with tailored black pants,
buttoned up to the top and pop a jumper over with jeans for preppy chic, under a tube dress to make it more modern, or with anything leather to give it more edge. A white shirt is my go-to when I dont know what to wear. Don't have any money to buy a new outfit? Pop the shirt in the washing machine with LOTS of Daz or whitening agent, pair it with a pair of jeans and stilettos, loads of jewllery, and there you have it-classic chic.Pop the collar to chanel Ms. Hepburn and to crank up the Haute Couture...

The Black Blazer:

If you're not a leather jacket type of person then a blazer will do the job of transforming your outfits to any occasion. Worn over the shoulders in a cape style over an evening gown, with a hoody or jumper under worn with jeans for a casual look, or with a glitzy top sky high shoes and skinnies for a night out. Penney's have a great selction of black blazers that won't break the bank!

The Humble Tshirt:

In white/black/grey, I like mine in a v-neck, not too low; they are such a cheap and handy way to update an old outfit in your wardrobe! They go with EVERYTHING. The key is to stick to cotton tees with simple or no design and then add to it with statement jewellery. And it's also something that will not leave you on a diet of tea and toast until pay day.

High Black Shoes:

This is something which yes may be a bit boring but I prefer to call them 'classic'. Black is the best colour to wear if you want to look chic and stylish with minimal effort. Think of Victoria Beckham on most occasions, or the majority of French women, they always wear black and they ALWAYS look stylish and rich. This is the moral of the story people, to trick people in to thinking we have very expensive clothes. Pairing black high court shoes with any outfit will instantly give your look a more polished and chic look, just keep the design simple and don't go over the top with heel height!

The Little Black Dress:

A timeless classic, but every women should have one if not more LBD's in their closet. I have a few in different lengths and styles and they are always the perfect thing to make me feel good, especially on days when I don't have a new outfit for going out. Whether its the very little black dress, or the little mid-length black dress, find it in your wardrobe, even if it's years old, add black shoes, 'bed hair' a lot of top eyeliner and red lips and the dress will look brand new again!


I know I have covered all of the wardrobe basics but that is my top picks which most women will definately already own. It's an age old dilema for women worldwide, closet full of clothes but nothing to wear...Now that we've covered the closet basics,

Here's a few tips on using your wardrobe to it's full potential:

Have a clear out, if it doesn't fit don't keep it, I used to keep things promising myself I would fit in to them one day, but you know what it's silly, it's just a painful reminder that it doesn't fit and you need to have a closet full of clothes that will make you feel AMAZING!

Once cleared ou, you'll be able to see what you have. If you have a free couple of hours take pieces out and try them on. Things you haven't worn in ages, try them out with things you wouldn't normally and you might suprise yourself that they actually really work together!

Mix textures, patterns, and prints. Christmas is the only time of year youll get away with wearing that mad sequin dress with a wooly jumper going for a coffee in town so make the most of it!

Adding jewels to any outfit will instantly update it. Don't have anything new to wear out? Why do you need to? You should get lots of wear out of your gorgeous clothes and mix them around with different things instead of buying new clothes all the time! This is something I am trying to stick to myself! Instead of buying a new top or dress buy a huge chain in Penneys or Swamp or any high street store and the main focus will be on your bling!

I think the biggest secret to looking stylish or fashionable, is without a doubt CONFIDENCE.
If you walk with confidence and comfort, and genuinely love what you are wearing, people won't even notice whether you paid €10 or €100 for that outfit they will just notice how confident you are, and how well you wear the clothes! You can pull off ANYTHING you just have to walk with your head held high, and smile back at the people giving you the funny looks! Sometimes I wave just to make them feel really awkward. Just stay true to your style, but don't be afraid to take risks once in a while, and have a good look in your closet before bankrupting yourself in town, you may suprise yourself by the gems you own!

Don't be afraid to comment with any questions or to let me know what you think! Do you have any tips of your own?  You can also mail me with any questions at! I hope you enjoyed this and I hope it has helped somewhat!

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Much love girls,

Elisha :) xo

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

My Weekend adventures...

I went to Dublin at the weekend with my lil bro to the MS MR concert in the Academy is was AMAZING. I only heard them for the first time on BBCRadio 1 in the summer and downloaded their album and quickly fell in love.. They are the coolest couple EVER. So, we made a weekend of it and went to Dundrum for a bit of Chrisrmas Shopping. I went with a few things in my head that I wanted to buy, the River Island three piece being one!

But first my outfit I wore going shopping.. 

This is a jumper I ordered off the Chinese Site Romwe. I love this site so much, the clothes are excellent quality great value and you are sure to get very cool one-off pieces from them. When I spotted this jumper I just had to have it. It took about four weeks to arrive, and when it did I nearly knocked the postman over I couldn't contain my excitement! It was exactly as I imagined it, perfect fit, amazing design I was so excited to wear it! I thought a bit about how I would style it, it's quite loud and because I was oh going shopping I thought I'd keep it simple enough with a pair of jeans (from Penneys), a white shirt buttoned up ( also Penneys), a pastel flower chain (Dorothy Perkins), and of course my cream brogues. I got a lot of strange looks walking down Grafton Street but I didn't give a shite because I love the jumper so much. 

Here's the link for it, it's quite low in stock so is get it quick! And it's also half price!

click me to buy

I got mine in a small, so it would be about a size 8-10, it was a very comfy fir and I also had a wool jumper underneath and there was plenty of room! 
If I'm wearing this again going it for dinner or drinks, Im going to pair it with a knee length tutu and my Perspex heels to make it a bit more dressy. I'm dying to style it lots of different ways! :) 

The second outfit was the one I actually wore to the concert, this was a wool-like polo neck black Topshop dress, black open toe ankle boots (penneys), my black Missguided Kimono, and my Rock n Rose Floral crown, I also picked up this gorgeous necklace in Penneys in Dublin I love it! 

Link for Kimono from Missguided here: 

Link for Topshop Dress here: 

The next day I was shattered so I'm not even going to tell you what I wore. I'm ashamed of myself to be honest! 
 My favourite purchases of the weekend were: 

I'm soo smug in this picture.. 
All River Island, top, skirt and shorts.. I know everyone and their nan has this now but I don't care we'll all be fabulous twins together! 

Here are the links if you want to join the floral party: twins unite! 


But as I said in the previous post it is actually €5 cheaper on ASOS.. 

Link for the pencil skirt here: 

And finally link for the shorts: 

This very handy keyring in H&M 

This Penneys jacket.. I love. 

This fab faux leather H&M skirt for only €20!!!!! 

And finally, My house of Holland nails! 

That's all for now... :) 
Thanks for reading if you got down this far! :) 

Elisha :) xo 

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Current ASOS wishlist of things I can't afford

This is basically a list I have complied of things on ASOS that I adore but unless I win the lotto or inherit a fortune, I won't be buying anytime soon. It's the same tale told over and over again, girl spends all her money on clothes, girl can't fit any more clothes in her wardrobe yet girl has nothing to wear. I keep saying to myself, right that's it, I finally have the perfect wardrobe. Yep. I have succeeded in life. Then, I stumble across a pair of white Perspex heel loafers on ASOS and I'm crying into a vanilla latte while looking at my bank balance. I am a shopaholic, and I'm ok with that, really I am. I love clothes. I love clothes more than my own family. (Sorrynotsorry) If im having a shit day, I'll open my wardrobe and just feel all warm inside looking at all my lovely clothes.. Ok I'm starting to get weird, I just had a very strong coffee I apologise.. Anyway, so here is a collection of all the clothes and pieces I am loving on ASOS at the moment... 

Ray ban clear frame glasses... *sigh*

Felt boater hat.. 

I love this so much... :( black satin playsuit. 

Lavish Alice Playsuit 

These are only €18! Bargain! 

Silver wedges only €18!

I love this alot.. It would probably make me look like a couch but I think with a vintage black leather belt and suede platform blue or purple shoes it would look so chic and cool... 

This is ridiculously overpriced as is all of the Wildfox range but I just love it. So simpe, so classic.. Sooo out of my price range. 

I'm a bit obsessed with anything floral as I'm sure you are aware of by now. 
This Rock n Rose hairband is just so angelic... 

These are expensive at €155, but they are just so beautiful .... I'm afraid they'll be staying in my saved items until they go down to €50 in the sale..! 

I love this tiara... Every girl wants to feel like a princess...this is so Downton Abbey.. Lady Mary you say? Buy me you say? Ok. 

*sigh again* I wish I had a boyfriend I could bribe into getting me this for Christmas. 

This skirt- because you can never have enough sequins in your wardrobe. Ever. 

This is shabby chic at it's best.. Wear it with trainers heading into town or feeling lazy going out for drinks? Pop on a pair of heels and a statement necklace and voila! A laid back look..! 

You can't beat a Little Black Dress for any occasion. Love the mesh and embellished neck. 
So pretty and sparkly 

These earrings are ridiculously huge and over the top and I want them. 

I saw this on 'the Style Birdy' blogger recently and fell in love with it...! 

And last but not least, as I'm sure you all are lovely and sick of pictures of this print by this stage- the River Island floral top.. Which is actually €5 cheaper on ASOS! 

So that's it for now guys, sorry if you hate me for bringing these clothes into your lives because like me you can't really afford anything I've posted! It was kind if a pointless post really wasn't it?! But hey, if after reading this you find yourself on the verge of poverty, come sit with me, I'll be on the steps of Bank of Ireland drinking a latte crying...! :p 

Goodbye for now... 
Never going to sleep with all this caffeine 

Peace :) xo 

Thursday, November 14, 2013

A few reviews of recent purchases from Benefit and my favourite tan of all time!

No, your eyes do not deceive you, this is my SECOND post this morning. I figured after a week of unfulfilled promises I better get writing! So here are a few if my favourite products in my make up bag which I bought recently, and a few tips on how I find they work best. 
The first is something that I was waiting for ages to arrive in Ireland and when it did I bought t straight away. The product is from Benefit and it's their 'Fine One One' blusher& highlighter stick. I'm a huge Benefit fan and aspiring Benebabe to add to the already rapidly growing list of things I'm 'aspiring' to be; I'm also a huge blusher fan so I knew this would be the right product for me. This is a twist up creamy three-part blusher stick with three seperate colours. 

The way to use this is to apply it to the cheeks with the highlighter part facing up (towards your eyes) so this will give the perfect glow and sculpt your cheekbones with a fresh colour. It is a creamy texture, and you only need to gently rub it to blend it in, so, unlike some other cream blushers, it won't move your foundation. The colour can be as strong as you want it depending on how many layers you apply, hence why mine is nearly all gone after one month. I use this for my everyday makeup because it gives the cheeks a very natural glow! 

The next product is another one from Benefit which I love so much. It took of bit of practice to get used to it, but now that I've figured out the best way to apply it, I won't be changing anytime soon! The product is Benefit's Stay Flawless 15hr Primer. To find a great primer is one of those great life achievements to a woman, much like finding the perfect foundation, pair of jeans, or bottle of wine that won't make us feel like we partied with satan in the pits of hell the night before. Well ladies, I may have the solution to one of those problems! No, it's not the wine in afraid, but I think I have found the perfect primer. This little miracle worker comes in a stick form, (I'm loving stick things these days, take from that what you like) and has a weird texture, almost moist, but once it goes on the skin it seems to disappear quite fast. 
It looks like there is a colour in it, but when applied to the skin no colour can be seen. 

So, the trick with this is to apply it in circular motions on the entire face. Now, the mistake I made the first few times I used it was using way too much which resulted in it caking in places on my faces once I applied my foundation. So just one layer is enough, a rule I use when applying it is, the 10 second rule. Use it all over the face not applying it to any area twice and it should take no more than ten seconds for the entire face. As soon as you're done apply your concealer if you use it, or foundation straight away. Fingers are fine but I did find as soon as I used a brush to apply it made the primer work alot better. The point of this is that your make up will stick to the primer and not to your skin which means it will last alot longer. They claim 15hours of wear, I have yet to leave my make up on that long, but I have worn it for about 12 hours and I have to admit it really does work. My make up hadn't moved, and my eyeliner wasn't under my eyes all smudged as it usually is! All in all, if I could take this primer with me to a desert island and live a happy life just the two of us for the rest if our lives, I would. I'm so impressed with it and it really does what it promises. Now, it is quite pricey at €35 but I really don't think I could go without it now, and I genuine think it's worth the money. I used to use a Catrice Primer which was very good but the staying power of Benefit will be hard beaten! 

Next is my favourite false tan ever. I have tried them all and loved many but once I used Vita Liberata I knew I would never change back! 

I am quite the little Casper without tan, and with only pure laziness as my excuse for not wearing tan more often, when I do eventually put tan on I always turn to this. The colour of this is perfect for me. It is dark but not Tina off Coronation Street. It is a gorgeous natural brown tan colour and I have never found it to streak. The colour goes on like a dark creamy gel form which is very hydrating, and it's great because you can see the colour going on. It comes up instantly but does get darker after a few hours or overnight so don't be going too mad with the tan glove! This is a paraben free tan and contains organic ingredients, which youur skin will love you for and it's also made in Ireland which is even better again! There are so many different types in the range to suit all skin types and tanning desires, from a darker gel, to a very light mousse, they even have the 'Phenomenal Tan' which us a mousse claiming to last up to 3 weeks! I have used this and the colour alone is just gorgeous, and although it definately doesn't last a full three weeks, I got a good 2 weeks of colour from one application! Even still, I always go back to this gel as it's quick, easy and it's the nicest colour. It's also a great price at only €25.99. And here's a shameless plug for my place of work, we have a really nice gift set with free products and the tan for under €30 in Foody's Pharmacy! One  bottle would usually  last me about five full body applications, and you would probably squeeze a bit more. So there it is my short review on some of my favourite products! 

Thank you guys for reading, 

Elisha :) xo 

My Halloween Inspired outfit!

Now, I know it's a bit late posting this, and for that I do apologise. The main reason is that I wanted to take done proper pictures of this outfit instead of awkward mirror 'selfies'-I can't believe I just used that word- but, in order to do that I need a camera! So until I get my hands on one this is the best I can do! I love this outfit SO MUCH. I love Halloween it's my second favorite day of the year after Christmas so I wanted to go all out at work with my outfit. I didn't do an awful lot of planning for this outfit, usually my favorite outfits come after me choosing random things and them just happening to work-well, at least I think they work-. I had been looking for a full-length kimono for a couple of years now and when I saw this black one on Missguided I fell in love with it and bought it straight away. The Floral crown is also something I have been lusting after for sometime now and when I saw it on ASOS for €25 it was a sign, so I snapped it up quickly. I live in a small, sometimes narrow minded town, I'm sure my Ballina readers will agree, so this is an outfit that I knew would raise a few eyebrows. Walking over to work that morning looking like a cross between a witch and a wedding bouquet I counted five people who actually pointed and laughed in my face! Now, the thing is, I love this so much. I love how clothes express who you are without you having to speak. If I loved an outfit I was wearing and nobody noticed it I would be heartbroken! As the old say goes 
 'people are going to stare, so give them something to stare at'. 
I also thought that  this would be the outfit that Stellar Magazine would choose to print, but i suppose the one they did print is more everyday style! :D The funny thing is, because it was Halloween so many people who didn't know me thought I was dressed up, to which I awkwardly replied 'em no, no these are my actual clothes'. 
Anyway enough of my ranting! Here are some pictures! 

This is the kimono, a tshirt from Penneys/Primark, and the skirt is from Primark also. 

Kimono is Missguided, it can be bought here: 

The skirt is old stock in Penneys but a similar style dress on Boohoo which i love can be found here: 
The floral crown is Rock n Rose, Beatrice Crown which can still be purchased for €25 on ASOS: 

The shoes I wore are Zara which I picked up on sale. 

Between the spikes on the shoes, and the quite heavy floral crown, I was in so much pain by the end of the day, but it was so worth it, and I can't wait to
Wear this outfit again! That's all on this post, thank you so much for reading! 

Elisha :) xo 

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Take me to the Emerald City..

For those of you who don't know me, I have a bit of an obsession with The Wizard of Oz. Even as a child my main ambition was to find a pair of ruby slippers and be taken away to the Emerald City with Toto and my three friends. The only difference between my imagination and real life was that I lived in Ballina, they were black patent Doc Martens, my dog's name was Scallen and I was four so I was allowed outside the front door alone. Nonetheless it never dampened my hopes of someday owning my very own pair of ruby slippers, donning a Dorothy inspired dress, and uttering the words 'there's no place like home'. On the night of my 21st party my dream came true! I had a Wizard of Oz theme and I dressed as my idol, mind you the dress was alot shorter and the heels were alot higher, but we had a great night! 
Anyway....back to why you're really here, my outfit! Well, the reason for that semi-rant is because this outfit was somewhat inspired by my love of the Emerald City. I love green, I always have, and with this outfit I took that love to new heights! 
The blazer and pants have been seen in a previous post, they are both penneys/primark. If you're lucky they could still be available. The quality is fantastic, thick, stretchy material so it's very comfortable. 

Trousers, blazer, shirt, all Penneys/Primark. 

The stand out piece of this outfit, (as if it needed it) is the chain that I picked up on eBay. Now it was €30 including p&p but the quality is excellent and it's just so gorgeous! It would add so much to any outfit, it's a great addition to your accessory collection. 

eBay chain €30 

The shoes are my Rockstud Valentino dupes also from eBay! These are a littles different to my high Rockstuds featured in a previous post as these only have a small heel, but they're so comfortable and wearable and they also have two ankle straps which are very slimming on the ankle. 
They are just over €30, here's the link: 

Next is my new bag that my mum brought me back from Morocco! It's Chanel and it's as fake as my tan on a Saturday night but I love it all the more for it! 

My attempt at posing for the camera. Really need to start getting better at that. 

At the end of the day I was feeling a bit cold so I took the blazer off and threw on a knit I bought in Penneys last week for only €16, it's great heavy material and much better quality than any previous ones I've bought in there before. 

So that's all for now, coming up soon will be my reviews on two Benefit products, my winter Wishlist and inside my wardrobe. Just as soon as I can find a way to have more than 24 hours in a day. Don't forget to hit follow at the bottom of my page here and comment with any questions! Til then my dears, 


'Dorothy' ;) xo