Saturday, February 08, 2014

My Ruby Brown's Experience!

I received an email a few weeks ago now from Make up Artist Andrea Murray asking would I be interested in doing a review of Ruby Brown's salon in Ballina. Obviously I was more than happy to accept having seen the stunning pictures on facebook of women who were totally transformed by the very talented make up artists, hair stylists and nail technician. I got in contact with the owner Gemma Brown and she explained that I would receive a whole package of make up, hair and nails AND a photoshoot with a good friend and very talented photographer Corinne Beattie. The planning of the perfect outfit began, I tried on so many different things trying to create the 'coolest' and 'blogger-y' outfit, and then a quote came in to my head which totally inspired this outfit: 'Dressing Up Begins at the age of five, and never truly ends'. So I just kept pilig on clotehs and jewellery and this outfit was created! It's so fun and over the top it's my favourite type of outfit to wear! ANYWAY, so now that the outfit was chosen, I headed in to Ruby Brown's. I knew the building anyway, but it has been totally transformed, it looks so chic, it would make you want to wait there all day. The make up section is AMAZING. Bright lights around a mirror, with every piece of MAC make up a girl could wish for...I was in heaven. The first thing I did was get my nails done with the lovely Ola. I had never got shellac done before so I couldn't believe it when she told me that's what she would be doing! She looked at my outfit and we decided the best colour would be a fun aqua green and pink with a few diamonds for extra drama. I was so delighted with them, and nearly two weeks on there are no chips! :) After that Andie did my make up, she did a girlie pink lipstick, natural eyes, and pink cheeks to fit in with the girlie theme of the day. I felt like a complete celeb with the bright lights of the mirror and getting so pampered! The final result of my make up was so nice if I do say so myself! Andie has been a friend of mine a few years now and I've always been a fan of her work so I knew it would turn out perfect! :) Then it was on to the hair, Gemma did this and we decided to go with a HUGE beehive to compliment the tiara! I loved my hair so much, I'll definately be back for a night out to get it done! Once I was all preened and ready to go myself and Andie ran up to Corinne Beattie's studio, tyring to ignore the stares from people because I was walking through Ballina on a wednesday in a tiara. This was the part I was most nervous about...I don't like getting my picture taken, unless I'm out because I'll have a few drinks on me and I'll think I'm gorgeous, but otherwise I am so awkward and I just really hate it having to pose! But Corinne could not have made me more relaxed.  I felt like I was just in my room having the laugh with my friends and it shows because the pictures just look so fun and natural, so Corinne Beattie thank you so much for making me feel so comfortable! So my day had come to an end, and it was such a brilliant day. I would just like to say if anyone is looking for a place to go for hair, make up, and nails, Ruby Brown's is a place I would most certainly recommend. The girls made me feel so special and I felt so pretty for the whole day! So THANK YOU to Gemma, Ola, and Andie in Ruby Brown's for treating me like the princess i wish I was! And also another HUGE thank you to Corinne Beattie for taking the gorgeous pictures and making me feel so at ease in front of the camera!For full album of pictures, head on over to my facebook page alongcamepollly! That's my rant over, but basically THANK YOU everyone!! :)

elisha :)

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