Monday, September 30, 2013

My weekend adventures!

Hello everyone, I hope you all had a fabulous weekend and have all recovered somewhat! I had a lovely weekend, tapas with the fam on Friday, Saturday was spent at a five year old's Super Mario themed birthday party, headed out for a dance and a drink, and Sunday was nice and lazy as it should be! I was off today and did very little, watched gossip girl
All day, listened to JT's new album -AMAZING- tidied my room and read a bit! Ok enough of my pointless blurb and on to the clothes. The outfit I wore Friday is one of my favorite things I own. I love anything colourful, flowery, fun and girlie. The crazier the better-sometimes! This is a floral suit I bought on ASOS, I originally just bought the trousers and a couple of months later I bit the bullet and got the blazer, I love this suit because they look great worn together but are also so transitional with other outfits. I wore it with a lilac crop cami from topshop, my Rockstuds and a pastel necklace I got in Dorothy Perkins. I kept my hair minimal because the outfit was enough on it's own! I also wore a black feather clutch bag which slightly toughened up the outfit. 

Saturday I wore three outfits.. Yes, you heard right, three. I like to make the most of my days off. My family think I'm actually crazy. So outfit number 1, was a quick choice to run a few jobs in town! I wore utility style trousers from penneys, these look very cool with heels and are soo comfy. I also wore a green and blue tshirt I bought on eBay for €5, I have it in pink too they were so cheap but they really brighten up any outfit. I wore €3 runners from penneys also, I'm currently on the hunt for the perfect pair if cool trainers I can wear with any dressy outfit. And I threw on a chain so I fully looked like a prince of bel air reject! 
Next I wore a peach skort - €5 eBay, a pink cashmere style top-€6 penneys, the sneakers again and a pink floral headband. I funnily enough ended up
Looking like I came dressed up as Princess Peach. 

My last outfit was a cut out chain dress I 
bought on eBay (where else). I pulled the top in the middle so it was more of a racer style neckline and put a cross belt around the waist because I felt the cut out looked weird on me! I wore it with black strappy sandals. 
Yes I know I look AMAZING, make up
Is just a miracle worker isn't it? 

Ha I wish that was me! Sorry I actually don't have any pictures from the night i know very bad, I would take one now but I have been in pjs most of the day and don't want to scare you this late at night with no make up! 

So that's my weekend adventures in a very needless and long-winded manner, apologies! :/ 

Here's a wee collage of my day today!

Night you guys 

Peace :) xo 

Thursday, September 26, 2013

I'm bringin' sparkle back....

Now I won't say the actual word, but there was something about yesterday when I woke up that made me feel like a certain holiday was slowly creeping upon us.. And it is, there are only 13 Tuesdays until that holiday! *eek* So when I was sorting out my wardrobe I saw these sparkly boots peeking out and I thought YES. You will be worn today. I got them on ASOS last year and I just love them. I paired them with a leather dress, black shirt, bowtie and black shirt. 

I got the bowtie in Topman last year, I love it, it makes a relatively normal outfit have a bit more interest. There are some very cool designs in Topman at the moment. 
Dress old stock Penneys, 
Shirt Penneys €13 
Boots, old stock ASOS
Tights €3 Penneys, 
Bowtie old stock Topman. 

Also featured is my new Moschino pineapple phone cover I got on eBay,  I love it! 

That's all for now! 

Peace :) xo

Insert witty post title here.

This is an outfit I wore on Tuesday to work. I wore the blazer from the previous day, black skinnies, my new black top, brogues and my floral crown. Some of you know about my daily struggle to mix it up with my outfits at work everyday. The funny thing is, since starting work and having to wear black everyday it has given me a whole new appreciation for black. It is so classic and anything goes. It's a great colour whatever your mood and you can shake it up with accessories. 
A close up of the top, it's a lightweight material and it's a loose relaxed fit. Only €15 in h&m. 
Floral crown from
Penneys only €2, chain also Penneys €6. 
Black high waist jeans €35 Vero Moda. 
Blazer as before, €25 Penneys. 

On to the next blog! 

:) xo

Come On You Girl In Green..

First off, I apologise for my complete lack of posting in the past week. (Teresa-look I'm back!) I only have myself and a few sleepless nights to blame. But, fear gone, fresh head, it's onwards and upwards! If my writing is a bit scratchy today I'm sorry it might take me a little while to warm up again! I have a few outfits to post, so I'll begin with Monday, I went to Dublin for the day to see my sisters with my brother. It was horrendous getting up so early after Sunday night but a great day nonetheless! I bought a green jacquard suit in Penneys the second I saw it I loved it. The strange thing is I hate matching accessories, e.g. shoes and bag, or subtle colour themes, but I love head to toe one colour, or everything matching in the one print. So this suit was perfect for me. The quality is great it's a stretchy thick material, very comfortable to wear. The pants are €17, and the blazer is €25. The forest green print is the perfect colour coming in to autumn/winter and both pieces are easily worn with anything else in your wardrobe. I wore a white shirt, also from Penneys €10, and a chain from there under the buttoned up collar. When I'm wearing a shirt I always do the 'half-tuck',  it's something that has caused people to stop me on the street saying 'sorry, but your shirt is coming out at the side there'- yes I'm aware, thank you. But I just like the look of it instead of the usual full tuck. It's also great if you feel bloated because it covers you up a little bit and keeps you looking stylish. The shoes are brogues, I was going to wear the Rockstuds but seeing as I was walking like a baby lamb with tiredness I decided I better not.

When I was in Dublin I wasn't in the mood for shopping at all but I did pick up two great buys in h&m. I got a black baseball style top which is very simple but can be worn with anything and is perfect for work. I also got a pair of leather leggings. I have been on the hunt for a good pair for ages now that were a matte-style leather that didn't cost me an arm and a leg, so these are perfect. 

Top €15, leggings €20 h&m.

Chow for now ! 

:) xo

Friday, September 20, 2013

If I were a Boy, even just for one day..

This was a very fun blog to do. Cup of tea, ham sandwich and a few hours of looking through websites at pictures of really hot male models in perfectly styled clothes. TGIF. And also TG for all their mothers.

Anyway! Here's my top picks for the perfect autum/winter wardrobe for men. There are a few key things that you need and with those pieces you can build alot of outfits.

The jacket: Let me set the scene. You're rushing, no time to choose a cool outfit , so you grab your jacket because it's freezing outside. You meet a girl/boy in the pub, ye decide to go the takeaway, they have forgotten their jacket and you offer yours-but they decline because-and I quote (almost) a line from the Mean Girls film, 'that is the uggliest f-ing coat I've ever seen.' And just like that my friends, you go home alone. Luckily for you I have some handy links to very stylish and warm coats below. The H&M clothes can only be bought in store apologies!

The wool jumper/cardigan: These are essential in any winter wardrobe because they can be worn everyday, all you have to do is change the shirt underneath or the jeans and voila! New outfit.

The Shirt/Tshirt: Don't be afraid to wear something a little out there, something with a print, or colour-not too much colour and nothng neon-but something that will make you stand out-subtly.

The scarf: Because it's winter and it's cold, and ye are very annoying with a flu.

The gloves: Again, the cold winter thing. And because these additional items may be small but can make you actually look like you give a crap about fashion, and to most girls/guys, this is very attractive.

The belt: Again, the extra bit of effort, if you go for a classic black or brown leather chunky belt it goes with alot more than more patterned or fabric belts.

The trousers: Whether you're a chinos, wide leg or skinny jeans man, you have to decide on one because you can't walk around in the nip, and Canterbury's just won't cut it. So there's a link to really cheap chinos on eBay for only €14 postage included, in a range of colours. And two types of jeans, a straight leg or a skinny for those who dare.

The shoes: This is very biased on my behalf because of my own obsession with brogues but they are just in my opinion the coolest shoes anyone can wear, They're casual yet stylish without any effort and they go with everything. The ones I have chosen here are more a boot-type form which are more suitable for winter, and the colour is very authentic looking.

Here they are:

Image 3 of FOUR POCKET PARKA from Zara
Zara €119.00

H&M 49.95

H&M  49.95

H&M 79.95

Image 1 of ASOS Gilet

ASOS 45.55,47&sh=0&pge=0&pgesize=204&sort=-1&clr=Navy

Image 1 of ASOS Varsity Jacket
 ASOS 45.55,47&sh=0&pge=0&pgesize=204&sort=-1&clr=Navy

Image 1 of ASOS Cable Cardigan
ASOS 39.00,34&sh=0&pge=0&pgesize=204&sort=-1&clr=Burgundy

Image 1 of ASOS Crew Neck Jumper with Pocket
ASOS 23.42,34&sh=0&pge=0&pgesize=204&sort=-1&clr=Red

Image 1 of ASOS Lambswool Rich Jumper
ASOS 44.24,34&sh=0&pge=0&pgesize=204&sort=-1&clr=Charcoal

Image 1 of POLKA DOT SWEATER from Zara
ZARA 29.95


Image 1 of ASOS Shirt in Short Sleeve with Hula Girl Print


ASOS 23.93

Image 1 of ASOS Cable Scarf

ASOS 15.62

Image 1 of ASOS Chunky Rib Snood

ASOS 19.52

H&M 29.95

H&M 14.95

eBay 14 approx




Ok that's all for now, thanks for reading!

Chow :) xo

oh i hope that 'x' wasn't sleazy if guys are reading this, sorry, it's just habit at this stage nothing is meant by it! :P

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Another Day another Dollar..

Outfit today was a bit random but here it is nonetheless! :) I can't believe it's cold enough to wear scarves again, I am dighted though because this one is sooo cosy it's like wearing a sleeping bag around your neck. Yes. I had pictures that my sister took but they were terribly awkward and I looked like I was in pain so these are just a few I took myself in front of my humble mirror! I really must invest in a good camera... 

This is a jacket that my mum bought in Zara a few years ago and gave it to me, it's one of my favorite things in my wardrobe because it goes with everything. Black top underneath is from Dorothy Perkins, and the necklace us from Penneys. 

Close up of the chain, only €6 in Penneys today I love it, looks so much more expensive. 

This is a full view picture, showing the leggings and of course, a pair of brogues. Leggings from Topshop, brogues Gerry McGuires. 

I had this really cool kimono on underneath the jacket which I bought in Penneys years ago and forgot I had it. Love when you tidy your room it's like going shopping! :p 

Im uber smug in this picture. This really warm scarf is from Zara it's very long but I love wrapping it around loads of times for extra warmth! 

I've a day off on Monday I'm
Sooo excited about not wearing black! 

Goodnight y'all 

Peace :) xo 

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Who like's short skorts!? And other eBay bargains..

You should know by now my OBSESSION with eBay. It's just the best site EVER! Well, maybe not ever, but it's definitely up there. Here are a few bargains available on eBay NOW.

First up, the famous Zara skort--not the actual one, but an excellent copy. I have the black, peach and white one, I also have the white Zara one but I very kindly gave it to my sister! The quality is brilliant, a bit lighter than the Zara skort but doesn't crease as easily.

Now- here's the thing to remember about buying from Asian sellers on eBay-Asian people are really really tiny and cute, so the sizes are a lot different to EU and UK sizing. I had to learn the hard way, so I don't have any technical tips to tell you just that I got mine in a Medium, I'm an 8 but it would also fit a size 10 aswell. This may help when choosing your size. Shoe sizes are usually in UK sizes however.

Also when purchasing from any sellers, make sure they have a high percent of positive feedback. This will ensure you don't end up getting stung. However as long as you have PayPal set up you'll be covered.
Also it can take up to 3 weeks for purchases to arrive from Asia so be prepared to wait!

this is the link for the skorts, only €6.78 I think! this is a great one because it has free P&P. Score!

This next link is for a fab leather and wool mix jacket, for only just over €30 incl P&P.

This is a very cool punky piece which would roughen up any outfit, try it mixed with a girlie pink jumper. Only just over €4!

I LOVE this next item. A gorgeous black wool cape coat. A perfect cover up for winter. Team this with bright cashmere or wool gloves to really stand out! Only €20 with free P&P

That's all for now but if I do find anymore steals, you'll be the first to know! :)

Chow :)  xo

And the Penney drops...

So a little over a month ago we were happily walking around in our sundresses and sandals with the thought of winter and knitwear very much in the back of our minds. But a month has passed, and with it a drop in temperatures and dark evenings. It's that time of year again, time to start thinking about your A/W wardrobe. Now it would be very easy to go in to Zara and Topshop and drop €400 on the perfect wardrobe, and if you can afford that I salute you. And also,can you be my best friend? However for the everyday girl who wants to look fashionable and be able to eat that week, Penney's / Primark is the perfect high street winter haven. Penneys was once a budget friendly shop, but the quality wasn't great and you really did get what you paid for. Now though, Primark is a pillar of the High Street store and is loved by women all over the world. The clothes are always bang on trend, of the highest quality, and the price point, although a bit more expensive than before, is still very much purse friendly. The A/W collection was just released and it is just stunning. Now I have to admit, I know tartan is very much 'in' at the moment, but I'm not a lover of it, but I do quite like the tartan dress in the collection. It's a perfect winter piece to wear with boots, brogues,  a big wool cocoon coat, or to throw a chunky Aran jumper over. 

For those of you who are lovers of tartan, it features heavily in the new collection from jackets, shirts to scarves. 

This jacket pictured above is such a gorgeous, perfect winter coat. The two textures of wool and leather give nods to the monochrome, and cosy yet trendy cover up. 

By far my favorite piece in the entire collection. Not the most wearable piece because the colour is one that would need washing after a couple of wears, but it's worth it because it's so gorgeous. The colour is one we saw alot in the recent Fashion Weeks and the cocoon shape is very on trend. This will be one I will most definately be adding to my expanding wardrobe! 

I love these trousers. 
I got them last week only €17, and I'm
DYING to wear them. Perfect for out at night with a crisp white shirt half tucked in, or day time with brogues, ankle boots and a big wooly jumper. A great winter piece that will take you straight through to spring/summer! 

It's hard to tell if this skirt is midi of full length, but either way it's beautiful. The colour and material are perfect for contrasting textures such as leather, velvet and a black chunky ankle boot. 
You could also wear it very girlie and romantic with ankle socks, brogues, a lilac or any pastel cashmere jumper and the pink jacket pictured above. 

Moreso the outfit on the right- the neglige type dress is something that isn't for the faint hearted but it's perfectly ticking the 'underwear as outerwear' trend. Also, the shoes are amazing. For those of you who aren't sure about the slip-style dress, you could use it as an add on to existing pieces in your wardrobe. Put it under a little black dress and let the lace lining subtly peak through, or throw a jumper over it. I feel like my mother saying that 'put a jumper over that now', but jumpers are a great way to wear stylish winter clothes without freezing your arse off!

 That's my picks of the Penneys current collection, I look forward to seeing them in store in the next couple of weeks! 
Chow for now! 

Peace :) xo