Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Turning birthday celebrations!

Good morning guys! 

Today is the day after the birthday and waking up 26 to be honest feels a little weird.. Yesterday I had the commotion of cake, presents and celebrations that I didn't have much time to actually think about it. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm
Not saying that 26 is old; I just don't know how I even got here! This year has been a whirlwind for me full of changes. I moved to Dublin, started a new job away from all my family and friends, I met someone who brings me unending happiness and im returning to college for a masters in September! 

Hopefully 26 will bring change and even more happiness! 

Enough rambling, here are some pictures of my day!

So firstly I got the best present off my family- you might have remembered me drooling over the Kenneth Cole Watch from Winters Jewellers in my last post? Well now it's MINE! I can't wear it until I get links removed but I love it so much! 

I then hopped on a bus after the Bonniconlon show down to Galway to spend the day with Daniel! 

You probably know at this stage that he got me a Nespresso for my birthday it's a gorgeous powder blue I love it! I've already drank 4 cups.. 

His Mum had banners all over the house and gave me a gorgeous gift- 

It was weird not being at home for my birthday but I was in my second home so I had such a lovely day!

Next up I got all dressed up for part 2 of Daniel's present- Afternoon Tea in the House Hotel Galway! I had considered going to the G but it's just a bit far out and I wanted to be close to town! I love the House Hotel it's so girly inside and the staff couldn't help us enough! 

Everything was so delicious! 

Now the most important thing- my outfit! 

So as a tradition I began myself I ALWAYS get dressed up on my birthday. It's the one day that it's all about you and know one can hate you for it so I really milk it! Last year I wore a green suit & changed to a tulle skirt that night. This year I raised the bar and went full Princess. Feck it. 

The tiara was bought on ASOS about 3 years ago, it's actually really nice if you wear it flatter down with your hair up! 

The Tulle Skirt was made by Jane & the ladies in the Ballina Costume Company, it's the skirt of my DREAMS! They can make them to order just contact them!

The bag is old ASOS, shoes are old Zara,  sequin cape us Penneys from about 7 years ago- I've looked after it very well! And the tshirt I picked up in h&m! 

I finished the day off with Prosecco & a movie as the weather was too horrible to go out in! 

Anyone turning 26 and freaking out- don't worry! Age really is just a number all that matters is being surrounded by people who make you happy, and maybe the odd finger click diva moment for more Prosecco.. It's allowed on your birthday! 

Til debt do us part,

Elisha xo 

^^^ yes, my name isn't actually Polly! 

Saturday, August 01, 2015

My Visit to Winters Jewellers!

Good afternoon guys! 

So last week I had the absolute pleasure of being invited in to Winters Jewllers (The Hazel) in my hometown in Ballina. I was contacted by the very lovely Shauna and I suggested I do a Facebook takeover and take lots of pictures!

Winters Jewellers was established in 1936 so it stands as one of the oldest businesses in Ballina. When I went in I was given the greeting a queen would be given! I quickly started seeing a million things I wanted! They have such a beautiful selection of watches, diamonds, gold, silver, rose gold and costume jewellery, I was blown away by all of the pieces! 

I cannot say enough how kind Joe, William and Shauna are- not just to me but also to the constant flow of customers who enter their store. It's no wonder the business has been so successful for so many years. 

I quickly started trying on lots of jewellery, and my favourite collections have to be the My iMenso collection, Cristallo, and the Kenneth Cole watches. Everything is so well priced with something to suit any budget whether it's a pick me up for an investment piece. 

My sister Amber has wanted one of these watches for years and I can see why- I love the different styles and I love the large faces. I have a Daniel Wellington watch because I love how masculine it is, and that is exactly why I love these watches! 

This is a personal favourite of mine, this is €149. 

Caravelle Watches are also quite simpilar in style, this was one of my favourites:

Another collection which completely blew me away was the Knight and Day range which I particularly love because they are made in Westport so it's supporting the West! 

The Cristallo collection is the perfect range for any girl! Prices start at €29. I literally wanted EVERYTHING in this cabinet....

Next up I tried on.....


(Queue smug humming) 

(Look away now Daniel..) 

My hand looks so fat here haha! But this ring had an 18 carat gold band and 3 x 1.5 carat is the ring of my dreams! I really really didn't want to take this off! 

The staff in Winters specialise in the best quality diamonds and they offer after hour private appointments so you can choose your most special piece of jewellery in private! 

They have a huge selection of men's watches also, 

I love the vintage looking brown leather straps which are so timeless! 

Last but not least.. Before I left I was given the most incredible gift! 

I was embarrassed to accept it- Joe, William and Shauna gave me my very own My iMenso necklace and coin! I have wanted one of these for so long I am so delighted! I went for a beautiful rose gold chain and diamond coin. My iMenso were actually the first people to have the necklace and coin idea, and the quality is much more durable than others on the market. I have worn it every day since last Saturday and I have gotten compliments every time I wear it! 

It's the perfect piece to wear everyday, I love it too much to keep for special occasions. The range comes in silver, gold, and rose gold with lots of different coins and sizes. 

The back of it- 

I just want to say the biggest thank you to Joe, William and Shauna for inviting me in to their store and being so kind. If you need to pick up a Present or even a little treat I cannot recommend them highly enough. Everyone who left the store that day left a lot happier because of the kindness shown to them. 

They are situated in Ballina (the best place in the world) on Tone street, they are on Facebook also, and their number is 096-21898

This is why I love Ballina so much. I am liking living in Dublin but it will never give me the same feeling I have when I'm at home. I am fiercely proud of being from Ballina and Mayo, and on the days I think of packing the blog in I get an email from people like this who make me realise why I love doing this! 

Thank you so much to Winters for having me- I'll be back to expand my coin collection & maybe to buy that ring...


(Kind of...) 

Til debt do us part, 

Elisha :) xo

Monday, May 04, 2015

Everyday Simple make up!

I'm a pretty Low maintenance girl, and considering I get up about 6am for work everyday I like to keep my make up as simple & FAST as possible. 

(Also I apologise for the unprofessional pictures, if anyone would like to give me make up selfie tips PLEASE comment below. ) 

Again - im SORRY for the picture. 

Here is a list of my current ten minute make up products I wear on a day to day basis. 

First up- 
Because my skin is quite dry I like a dewy finish to my base, so I mix MAC Strobe Cream with NUXE DD Cream. I love the glowy, dewy finish on my skin, & also the Nuxe Tinted Moisturiser has an SPF of 30, and is packed with antioxidants. 

Two products mixed

For my face I use Benefit One Hot Minute, it's a gorgeous light brown loose powder which warms up my skin just a pinch. 

My blusher is Inglot in No.47 
I love how bright the pink is!

Eyes are a combination of Paese (new fave) Kashmir eyeshadows in 666 & 609 and sometimes I'll put a tiny amount of Inglor pigment powder in No.27 to make my eyes pop. 

Brows - sorry for the packaging! 
Are always Sleek Eyebrow kit in Dark..

The Nuxe, Sleek & Paese are all available in Foody's Pharmacy Dublin & Ballina! 

Happy Sunday :)

Til debt do us part, 

Elisha :) xo 

Trend Appreciation- Oriental Fashion

Tonight is one of the biggest and anticipated events in the fashion calendar. The Met Gala Ball will take place tonight and this year the theme is 'China: through the looking glass'. 

Gone are the days when a brand new trend never seen before will emerge and astound the masses. It's not very often you see an original idea on the catwalk- stay with me on this one. I mean, yes, there are original designs, but most times they are interpretations of trends we have known and loved previously and given a new and inspiring take by the talented designers across the globe. (Having said that, looking at the young aspiring designers in Ireland we seem to be miles ahead of the game in terms of original ideas and designs.) 

We have seen trends we never thought would come back return to shops and we find ourselves reinventing them and giving them another try. 

When the Chinese fashion trend first came about I was too young to get fully involved. My footprint in the oriental trend was a light treaded one at best, and it came and went without the purchase of a much desired Chinese- style dress. 

Last year Alexa Chung was spotted wearing an oriental dress and cover up on two separate occasions. I was so excited and expected to see a flurry of affordable high street copy cats for me to bankrupt myself with, but alas it never took off. (Unless you could afford Dolce, McQueen, vintage, and other high end designer brands.. )

So when I heard the theme of this year's Met Ball I couldn't help but wish for the trend to fully kick off. I was never one to stick religiously to trends I always believe in wearing what you like when you like, but some clothes aren't as readily available on the high street so a 'trend' is the only way to access certain styles at an affordable price. 

I am praying that Topshop or Zara will produce some oriental pieces...

Here are some images I pulled from Pinterest which will hopefully inspire my styling! 

Mira Duma is GOD! 

I hope you're all enjoying the bank holiday weekend! 

Til debt do us part, 

Elisha :) xo