Monday, January 13, 2014

Golden Globes 2014: the good, the bad, and the boring!

Yes, awards season is finally here. It's that time of year when we pull all nighters watching E clutching our luke-warm coffee slapping our face in a desperate bid to stay awake. Last night, as every year there were some beautiful gowns, and some very different, daring designs, some of which worked while others looked alot better on the catwalk. I hate that some of my worst dressed of the night are women that I love so much and I really really wanted to love their dresses also, but I'm afraid there was just no overlooking these semi-disasters.... 

Golden Globes worst dressed: 

I hate this, because, who am I to judge what looks good on a multi-million dollar award winning actress?! My worst dressed overall goes to : 

Kaley Cuoco: 

I really like Kaley, but this dress totally washes out her pale complexion. She recently got married and the dress wasn't unlike this except it was pink, this is quite a typical boring design and the pattern just does not work. It could have been a little better had she better accessorized and worn her hair up off her face. 

My second Worst Dressed is: 

Jennifer Lawrence: 
I think Jennifer is an absolute role model, both as a young actress and a woman. She is so beautiful and stuns in every movie she makes completely immersing herself into each role. When I heard she was wearing Dior again I was expecting a similar dress to her beautiful couture white gown last year but I was so disappointed! It's not that there was anything so horrible about this dress, it was just very boring and for such a young beautiful woman it had no life.. But I still think she is one of my favorite people in the world, and here is one of a million reasons: 

Here's a round up of the other worst dressed offenders on the night... 

That might be a bit harsh, but from the waist up I love this dress on Sofia Vergara, it's just all a bit too much on the bottom half... 

Emma Watson? Either be ballsy and wear a suit or just wear a dress, but both? Not a fan... 

This Zac Posen creation on Lena Dunham had such potential to be beautiful but it was ill-fitting and poorly accessorized... Still love 'Girls' though, (and Zac Posen!) 

Words fail me with this dress. That's all. No no no. 

Ok enough of that I feel like an absolute bitch. So to cleanse me of my bad words here are my best dressed! 

For me, as soon as I saw this dress I knew it would take something very amazing to trump it.. And nothing did. The colour was just so perfect on her and the style of the dress was different and modern yet classic and sophisticated. 

Best Dressed of the Night: 

Just wow! Caitlin Fitzgerald wearing Emilia Wickstead. 
This is one of my favorite awards dresses of all time. I love the crepe material, the high niece and the entire shape. Her hair and make up is perfect and the shoes give it an edge. I love this so much! 

Second Best dressed: 

Diane Keaton in Ralph Lauren:

This woman is an absolute icon in the world of film and fashion. She looks flawless and I applaud her for staying true to her trademark style in a sea of ballgowns. 

12 years a Slave star Lupita Nyong'o wowed in this Ralph Lauren red cape style dress. Simple yet stunning! 

Cate Blanchett never gets it wrong. Here she is in a beautiful Armani Prive dress. 

Leslie Mann looked super chic in Dolce & Gabbana. 

Paula Patton in Stephane Rolland has split critics with this dress. Alot have slated it, but I think it is absolutely striking. The material was so elegant and the couture design was remarkable. This was definately a winner for me! 

Naomi Watts in Tom Ford

How stunning did Lady Gaga look at the after party?! 

Well, that's it, my best of worst picks of the Golden Globes. Please feel free to leave a comment on who you felt was the best a s worst on the night! 

Thanks for reading :) 
Until next time, 

Elisha :) xo 

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