Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Ten things I'm going to do when I'm finished my Masters.

As most of you know, (because I tend to slip it in to most conversations) I'm currently studying a Masters in Digital Marketing & Analytics in DIT. (I cannot recommend this course highly enough, I'll speak more in a seperate post.) I'll be qualified in December and while I'm enjoying the course and learning so much, I can't help miss the days before it was all I thought about.

So I decided to make a list, of the ten things I'm going to do when I'm finished. These will be largely based around Netflix. 

1) Take two days off and just lie on the couch in my pjs and watch Sabrina the Teenage Witch with zero guilt. 

2) Finish Breaking Bad. I'm only on season 4 so please don't be that person who ruins the end, thank you. 

3) Go for a midweek drink without having fear about not being in the library.

4) Read an article that I don't have to Harvard Reference. (Greham, E, 2016.) 

5) Carry a small handbag around because I won't need to bring my laptop & 'E-marketing Excellence' every where I go. 

6) Plan my year by exciting months, not by assignment due dates. 

7) No longer ask my parents for the 'business' section in the Sunday Times every week so I can prove how devoted I am to my studies. ( Thanks anyway, Mum.) 

8) Buy magazines instead of educational books on Amazon.

9) BE A REAL LIFE GROWN UP. (I can't believe this is actually going to happen.) 

10) Start watching One Tree Hill again from the start because, well, I can. 

It seems like a while off yet, but I'm slowly but surely getting there! Does anyone else have anything they want to add?! 

Til debt do us part, 

Elisha xo :) 

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  1. Ah I love it! Very funny. Don't worry the end is in site and so is the fab handbag 😉 Siobhan xx