Thursday, December 18, 2014

Lala Land beauty product drop!

Good morning lovelies! 

Today I bring you a review (from my very warm bed at 5.45am) all the way from LA! 

(I am of course not writing this from LA, that is just the birthplace of this product..)

Lalicious is a bloody amazing range from none other than LA.. 

When I heard we were getting this range in, I looked up about it and I was very excited! The thing that impressed me most was that it has no parabens or artificial fragrance in it, all the ingredients are natural! 

When I was asked to choose one thing in the range it was a no brainier. They have a limited Edition Peppermint Sugar Scrub which smells literally good enough to eat. Literally. A bit went in my mouth in the shower and I was not complaining! (It's obviously not recommended as part of your diet so maybe leave it just as a glorious body scrub.) I'm mint mad, and this smell brings me back to my childhood and eating copious amounts of After Dinner mints. 

Here's a little history about the brand-

Over ten years ago Lalicious creator Jessica Kernochan grew tired on her hunt for a body scrub which left her skin moisturised, so she created a revolutionary whipped scrub containing only natural ingredients which would leave your skin incredibly nourished, and Lalicious was born. 

Widely known in the US, it's very new to Ireland with Foody's Pharmacy in Harcourt Street being the only stockists! 

Now on to the review: 

Firstly- the smell- I have said it before but it really is amazing (as is the entire range). 

It has a fluffy soft consistency when you scoop it out, I use it everyday in the shower, it's gentle enough to use everyday. The scrub gently exfoliates dead skin cells & dry skin. 

It's the feeling after I love. Once it's washed off it leaves a layer of delicious natural oils on your skin with the addition of coconut & sweet almond oil. 

I've used a lot of scrubs and this one is by far the best out there. The whole range is amazing with hand creams, lip butters, body butter & of course the scrubs. 

Prices start at €14 and the peppermint scrub is €40 but it's HUGE. 

Can you believe it's Christmas this day next week?? 

Hope all preparations are going well, 

Til debt do us part, 

Elisha x :) xo 

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