Monday, May 04, 2015

Trend Appreciation- Oriental Fashion

Tonight is one of the biggest and anticipated events in the fashion calendar. The Met Gala Ball will take place tonight and this year the theme is 'China: through the looking glass'. 

Gone are the days when a brand new trend never seen before will emerge and astound the masses. It's not very often you see an original idea on the catwalk- stay with me on this one. I mean, yes, there are original designs, but most times they are interpretations of trends we have known and loved previously and given a new and inspiring take by the talented designers across the globe. (Having said that, looking at the young aspiring designers in Ireland we seem to be miles ahead of the game in terms of original ideas and designs.) 

We have seen trends we never thought would come back return to shops and we find ourselves reinventing them and giving them another try. 

When the Chinese fashion trend first came about I was too young to get fully involved. My footprint in the oriental trend was a light treaded one at best, and it came and went without the purchase of a much desired Chinese- style dress. 

Last year Alexa Chung was spotted wearing an oriental dress and cover up on two separate occasions. I was so excited and expected to see a flurry of affordable high street copy cats for me to bankrupt myself with, but alas it never took off. (Unless you could afford Dolce, McQueen, vintage, and other high end designer brands.. )

So when I heard the theme of this year's Met Ball I couldn't help but wish for the trend to fully kick off. I was never one to stick religiously to trends I always believe in wearing what you like when you like, but some clothes aren't as readily available on the high street so a 'trend' is the only way to access certain styles at an affordable price. 

I am praying that Topshop or Zara will produce some oriental pieces...

Here are some images I pulled from Pinterest which will hopefully inspire my styling! 

Mira Duma is GOD! 

I hope you're all enjoying the bank holiday weekend! 

Til debt do us part, 

Elisha :) xo 

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