Monday, April 20, 2015

Monday treatin' a few Zara Buys!

Good evening guys! I hope your Monday wasn't too awful & if it was it's nearly over now! 

I headed in to zara today to see a jacket I posted on my facebook & Instagram this morning but it hasn't arrived in stores yet!
While I was in there ALOT caught my eyes but I held back and picked up two great pieces which i loved. 

I got these fab sunglasses which were only €14.95, they're a little more multi coloured in real life & I love the rounded frame! 


You can buy them here: 

Here's a better pic online: 
Next I picked up this gorgeous crisp white shirt which looks just like a Cos shirt at a fraction of the price! 

I love the boxy shape of this.. 

Now when I left the store I ended up buying the jacket on my Zara app, I'm so happy I did, I know it'll sell out as soon as it comes into stores! I'll post pictures as soon as I get it so you can see it on for sizing etc. I felt it would be one of those things I'd regret not getting so I can't wait for it to arrive! 

Here's the link to buy it online before it reaches stores & sells out! 

Just a short post for a Monday but I'm slowly starting to feel like a blogger again posting regularly! The longer I was leaving it the more I felt irrelevant, and didn't think there was a point. But I'm so glad to be back! 

If there is anything you'd like me to talk about please let me know. I'm a trained skincare consultant with Caudalie Avene & Nuxe so if you'd like a skincare post let me know in comments! 

I'm also on snapchat if you would like to follow my day/weekends! Username is elishapolly & 
Of course you can find me on Facebook Instagram and Twitter! 

Til debt do us part, 

Elisha :) xo 

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