Sunday, April 06, 2014

Going green...

Hello! I am composing this in the height of style wearing zebra print pj bottoms & an old knitted jumper, with no make up & messy flat hair- I thought I'd spare you the pictures! So, last night we had a lovely staff night for a colleague of ours who is leaving our team after getting another job, a great night but sad all the same! I'll miss you Aine, but can't wait for our night out in Westport to find husbands! :p ANYWAY I wore a playsuit from Topshop which I am IN LOVE with. The texture, the colour & style are what drew me to it the day I bought it. I was lucky enough to get it on sale for only €35 and in my size! It's quite stiff satin & the neck is quite high, it's different to anything I own and I loved wearing it so much! I paired it with a gorgeous blazer I snapped up at Christmas in the River Island Sale for half price. Shoes are the Topshop ones I've worn practically every night since buying them, I just love them so much and they're so comfortable! The bag is a big favourite of mine, it was kindly given to me by one of my style icons-my mum- she bought it in Gerry McGuire's (see where I get it from?) 20years ago it still looks good as new! Ok, enough of me talking here are some pics....

I also dyed my extensions & cut them to give my hair a little length & volume-I loved how it turned out! I feel so much more me with longer hair! :( 

Any questions or comments just comment underneath, or send any queries to I'd love to hear feedback! Or if you just want to tell me to shut up, that's cool too. Happy Sunday from a very weary Elisha, 

Peace outttt

Xo :) xo 

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