Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Current ASOS wishlist of things I can't afford

This is basically a list I have complied of things on ASOS that I adore but unless I win the lotto or inherit a fortune, I won't be buying anytime soon. It's the same tale told over and over again, girl spends all her money on clothes, girl can't fit any more clothes in her wardrobe yet girl has nothing to wear. I keep saying to myself, right that's it, I finally have the perfect wardrobe. Yep. I have succeeded in life. Then, I stumble across a pair of white Perspex heel loafers on ASOS and I'm crying into a vanilla latte while looking at my bank balance. I am a shopaholic, and I'm ok with that, really I am. I love clothes. I love clothes more than my own family. (Sorrynotsorry) If im having a shit day, I'll open my wardrobe and just feel all warm inside looking at all my lovely clothes.. Ok I'm starting to get weird, I just had a very strong coffee I apologise.. Anyway, so here is a collection of all the clothes and pieces I am loving on ASOS at the moment... 

Ray ban clear frame glasses... *sigh*


Felt boater hat.. 

I love this so much... :( black satin playsuit. 

Lavish Alice Playsuit 

These are only €18! Bargain! 

Silver wedges only €18!

I love this alot.. It would probably make me look like a couch but I think with a vintage black leather belt and suede platform blue or purple shoes it would look so chic and cool... 

This is ridiculously overpriced as is all of the Wildfox range but I just love it. So simpe, so classic.. Sooo out of my price range. 

I'm a bit obsessed with anything floral as I'm sure you are aware of by now. 
This Rock n Rose hairband is just so angelic... 

These are expensive at €155, but they are just so beautiful .... I'm afraid they'll be staying in my saved items until they go down to €50 in the sale..! 

I love this tiara... Every girl wants to feel like a princess...this is so Downton Abbey.. Lady Mary you say? Buy me you say? Ok. 

*sigh again* I wish I had a boyfriend I could bribe into getting me this for Christmas. 

This skirt- because you can never have enough sequins in your wardrobe. Ever. 

This is shabby chic at it's best.. Wear it with trainers heading into town or feeling lazy going out for drinks? Pop on a pair of heels and a statement necklace and voila! A laid back look..! 

You can't beat a Little Black Dress for any occasion. Love the mesh and embellished neck. 
So pretty and sparkly 

These earrings are ridiculously huge and over the top and I want them. 

I saw this on 'the Style Birdy' blogger recently and fell in love with it...! 

And last but not least, as I'm sure you all are lovely and sick of pictures of this print by this stage- the River Island floral top.. Which is actually €5 cheaper on ASOS! 

So that's it for now guys, sorry if you hate me for bringing these clothes into your lives because like me you can't really afford anything I've posted! It was kind if a pointless post really wasn't it?! But hey, if after reading this you find yourself on the verge of poverty, come sit with me, I'll be on the steps of Bank of Ireland drinking a latte crying...! :p 

Goodbye for now... 
Never going to sleep with all this caffeine 

Peace :) xo