Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Summer Wishlist Vol.1

Ok, so, I know it doesn't seem like it looking outside today, but summer is officially here. This means a few things: denim shorts in abundance, flower crowns, cold drinks, music festivals (ahhhhh), and of course impending debt due to all of these things plus all of the amazing clothes in shops and online at the moment! You probably know by now that I like shopping, (never) as does every girl in the entire world. Every year I do the exact same thing: I trawl sites and shops to find the perfect summer pieces which I will wear on my days off to become a summer flower child goddess; ,my day off arrives it's pouring rain and I'm too hungover to get out of my pjs. However this will not stop me doing the EXACT same thing this year. The shops are stocked with beautiful pieces to fill our lives with both happiness and poverty in equal measure. I have chosen a few things which I have my eye on at the moment, it's only a couple of things so don't be too afraid....

There are a few items I'll be wearing this summer:

- A pair of Statement Shorts- I think these will replace the skirt & the million versions of last summer's 'skort' to lead the way for the ultimate summer staple. Throw on a white tshirt, or shirt, or even
a loose jumper for cooler evenings.

- A very bright pair of court shoes- like the beautiful pink ones featured below from Topshop, enough to brighten up any outfit! 

-A white blazer- the summer version of the black blazer, it goes with EVERYTHING.

-The Perfect summer Dress- the age old quest. I am loving this Warehouse one though! 

-The Printed Pants- when I'm too lazy to tan or shave my legs to wear shorts I'll be wearing the statement trousers instead! I'll be pairing mine with a matching blazer, or failing that a clashing top like the one featured below!

-Jelly Sandals- these divide opinions, which is what fashion is all about. I've picked mine up and I LOVE them! I got the baby pink Juju Babies shown below! 

Shop the looks now! 

4: Zara White Blazer- 

Shop The second collection of items here!

As always thank you for reading....

Until next time, 

Til debt do us part. 

Elisha xo :) 

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