Saturday, May 31, 2014

Look up from your phone, shut down your display..

Whenever I see people share videos on social media I rarely click in to them, mainly because I tell myself 'no, I'm getting off my phone now anyway', yet I'm still scrolling aimlessly half an hour later. But, this morning I did click in to this video, and it really hit home. I am very guilty of being part of the zombie nation of social media dummies who documents their entire day through snapchat, Instagram and twitter, yet, when my grandmother asks me how my day went I can sum it up in about two sentences. At music festivals or concerts nearly every person in the crowd is holding up a phone, are we totally missing the point of it being 'live'? And when have you ever looked at those videos a few months after? If you look around a train, bus , the streets, or even your own sitting room you will see people with their heads buried in their phones/iPads/computers but, the chances are you won't see this because you are doing the exact same thing. I fear that since owning on iPhone my attention levels have rapidly decreased. I become bored after minutes, seconds maybe. I struggle to watch television or hold a lengthy conversation without checking my phone for notifications every ten minutes. In a world full of people searching for appreciation and acceptance from social media we are missing out on receiving it from real people..As it says in the video below 'Give people your love, not your like'. I know this is VERY deep, and I know it's only 10am on a Saturday. I also realise that I used my phone to write this, but, just watch this video, it really is incredible and to be honest, a little frightening. Ok, that's my rant over, I suppose what I'm trying to get at is, when we look back at our lives we won't recall the instagrammed picture of our lunch or that time we got RT by someone famous, we'll remember the people.. 

I need a cup of coffee. 

And I won't Instagram it, although it will be hard not too. 

Elisha x :) xo 

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