Thursday, June 05, 2014

Style diary of what I wore to the Irish Pharmacy Awards!

Hello! I know that this post is coming a little a little late but I really wanted to post it regrardless. I attended the Irish Pharmacy Awards a couple of weeks ago because we reached the finals (go us) in three categories where I work in Foody's Pharmacy! To say we were excited is an understatement. I didn't sleep for a week beforehand, and people who know me will know that that is not an exaggeration. The ball was Black Tie which meant two things- hot pharmacists in tuxes AND we got to wear floor length gowns and get super glammed up. I'll get to the dress in a while- but first- the prep. 

My prep for this event started about two weeks before hand, (cue men rolling their eyes and women nodding their heads in unison). I was getting a spray tan done so my skin had to be in tip top shape. To make sure it was, and to scrub off about 10years of tan build up I used three products, the Holy Grail if you will. 

Firstly, an oily salt scrub. The one I used was a new range we have at work called SeeSee which is made from minerals in the Dead Sea. This product is amazing, it lifted off all remaining tan very gently and exfoliated my skin without feeling like id been dipped in a frying pan. After you wash it off it leaves a layer of gorgeous oils on the skin and it smells incredible! 

The second essential is the modest exfoliating glove. Even though the scrub was pretty heavy duty the gloves were needed also, I literally haven't been my natural Casper-like colour in about ten years! :D 

And lastly, is the Avene Cold Cream Body Lotion. This stuff is so brilliant. It envelopes the skin a rich, non greasy cocoon of moisture which lasts all day, it was perfect for giving my skin the best base before the spray tan.

I got my Tan done in Ruby Brown's I went with the recommendation from Andie Murray in their who suggested I try He-Shi Medium and I absolutely loved it. It looked so natural and lasted for about a week. I can't say enough  about the girls in Ruby Brown's, they are so nice, helpful and professional, I have never come out of there less than 100% happy!  Thanks a mil Andie and girls,  I'll def be back again soon! 

So the next day I woke up a few shades darker with my fake tan, fake nails, and fake hair all curled and I was ready for the off! I didn't want to wear too much make up going because I knew I'd be caking it on for the awards later that night so I let my outfit do the talking. The top I'm wearing is a favourite of mine from Topshop which I love wearing so so much, it's unfortunately sold out now sorry :( , I managed to snap it up in black last week before that sold out also! It's a soft chiffon material which comes down a lot lower at the back, it goes with everything in my wardrobe. I paired this with my new Oasis Jeans my new favourites, the Isabella. I saw these on Mollie King and myself and my sister bought them straight away. I love how they are mid waisted so you don't spend the entire day a
Doing the sexy squat and yank of the trousers- hate that- and they are cropped just above the ankle. They Are super comfy and I know I'll wear them to absolute death. Here's the link: 

The shoes are metallic Topshop Courts which I bought at Christmas and I have worn to death. I actually bought two pairs and they are both worn to pieces, but they're so comfy! 

The bag is my new pride and joy which I bought in my fave- Gerry McGuire's in Ballina it's blue DKNY cross body or short handle bag and I love it so much! 

The necklace is one I picked up from our amazing jewellery collection at work -Nour London- I just love the diamonds and pastel colours. 


Here's what the jeans look like on Mollie the big ride: 

So when we arrived at the Burlingon myself and Mary had a quick glass of wine and went off to our rooms to start getting ready- excitement levels were at an all time HIGH at this stage. 

So, the dress. We had a bit of a disaster regarding the dress a few days beforehand which meant I only had a few days to find a suitable dress online that would go with existing shoes/bags/earrings and which also wouldn't cost me a fortune. So after a few hours of trawling the internet I picked up this beauty on ASOS on sale for €60 - (love it when that happens.) It was a full length black kimono style dress with a leg slit and a plunge neck. It was a velvet like stretchy material with embossed floral designs on it. I was so comfortable in it all night! I'm pretty sure it's sold out now but here's the link incase it comes back in stock!

Also I know that that is coming up as US ASOS and I have no idea why but i assume it still works?!

To accessorise I wore beautiful drop emerald green earrings which I picked up from Glamorize o
In Ballina :

At the back the dress was also plunge so I took a large green piece of a huge statement chain I had and stuck it on to an old long gold chain I had so it fell down the back of my dress: 

Here are a few fun snaps of the night! Myself and Mary met Miriam O'Callaghan who we made get in for a snapchat selfie, and yes, she is really really nice in real life, and yes, she does look even better in real life. 

So that's all, if you've made it down this far at 9pm on a Thursday night I commend you. 

Thanks for reading as always :) Feel free to comment or give your opinions I'd love to hear from you!

Til debt do us part, 

Elisha :) xo 

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  1. You looked gorgeous Elisha, the dress is beautiful!!