Friday, October 11, 2013

Finally an outfit post...

Hola....I just want to firstly apologise for my total lack of posting all week. It was a really busy week at work, and I didn't wake up early enough to plan outfits or tidy my room, so I had to randomly grab pieces from the clothes mountain on my bed..So everyday it was just boring black with nothing special added to it and really, really bad hair. So I thought I'd spare you all and just not post pictures! 
Anyhow, a new day is upon us and after tidying my room I found a few things I totally forgot I had! Today's outfit was quite quickly put together, and was simple but sometimes they're the best looks. I bought a black dungaree style jumpsuit in Swamp, put a white shirt underneath and a black jumper over. The dungarees are ok on their own but I just love the style of the bottom half so I preferred it with the jumper over. 
Dungarees , Swamp, on sale now €20. 
Shirt & jumper penneys under €10 each. 
Brogues Gerry Mcguires.

I love this jacket so much, I bought it off my mum, she never really wore it so I happily took it! It goes with everything. My dream is to own a waxed Barbour with red rose lining, I saw it on ASOS once but it was €350. This one was alot more affordable it was €120 in BT2! 

The next addition to my outfit is a Cameo Brooch mum gave me for my birthday this year. As a child I always loved it, so it's very special to me. :) 

That's all for now, but I do have a few posts coming up soon on my wardrobe, winter wishlist, and another eBay bargain find post! 
Also, check out my Facebook page 'alongcamepollly' for a competition I'll be running where you could win a Celine Paris Tshirt! 
Happy Friday y'all 

Peace :) xo 

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