Sunday, October 27, 2013

A round up of outfits I wore recently....

Hello all, I have fallen quite behind on my outfit posts haven't I? I am sorry, I have been quite busy this week with work, rehearsals for my play, and sorting out my driving license application which I have been putting off for alot longer than I wish to admit. So it's sunday, and we all turned our clocks back last night, resulting in an extra hour in bed. That is unless you have an iPhone or smartphone because they do it automatically, which I find very unfair and even though you know this will happen, you still get up all confused and check Sky News to make sure your phone remembered. Just me? Ok, moving on! This is the outfit I wore yesterday. It was so cold and miserable I just wanted to be warm! The outfit was very simple, just a floral ASOS swing dress and my trusty Topshop jumper I bagged in the sale last year for €20. The dress on it's own is very nice, just a simple swing design with long fitted sleeves. 

There is a similar dress on ASOS here
Jumper is Topshop from last year, I found this gorgeous green cable knit jumper on Missguided here.
Boots are Penneys/Primark available now.  
Hat is Penneys: Black similar version on Missguided here

A few mentions- I apologise for the weird smirk on my face, I haven't quite mastered the pose one does while taking in picture in one's parent's room. Also the toilet in the background was not intentional. 

Here's an outfit I wore to work on friday, the tshirt is for our Christmas Club so I thought I'd go all out and add a bit more colour to the whole outfit. 

Shirt is Topshop similar on ASOS here
The shorts are Penneys and available now instore.
Gem stone hairband available on ASOS here,
Collar jewels I got on eBay for about €2, available here

This outfit was all Penneys apart from the Brogues which I got in town. 
Here is a link to an almost identical pair on eBay here

That's all for now, I hope everyone has a great night tonight if they are heading out for Halloween! 

Peace y'all :) xo

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