Wednesday, October 30, 2013

My pick of winter coats!

It's getting so cold out there, and the evenings are so dark the winter is really and truly HERE! Yay! This is my absolute favourite time of year, not just because of Halloween and Christmas, but because I adore winter fashion and all the traditions that come with this time of year. The token hot chocolates everyday, the extra layers, the roaring fires and that feeling you get in your tummy when you know Christmas is just around the corner....

Another integral part of this time of year is the quest to find the perfect Winter Coat. Now, I'm lucky because I have my perfect one, I got it three years ago for Christmas and it is my favourite jacket of all time. It's dalmatian print faux FUR. (!) I only wear it once a year for obvious reasons, and once dry cleaned, it's as good as new. It will take a very special coat to replace this one, because it's so warm, stylish and it goes with almost everything. I think it's FINALLY cold enough to wear it. 

For those of you who have not found your dalmatian print fur equivalent, I have devised this list for you, of the best winter coats at different prices, colours and styles. There are certain things you should spend money on in your wardrobe and a coat is one of those things. You will wear this coat nearly everyday for over three months and if you buy a good colour and timeless style you can have it for years. It's an investment really! 

You have to think about the type of coat you will get the most wear out of, the colour, the size whether you can fit lots of layers under it, and of course, your budget. A few different styles that I love and think are timeless, and would last for years are:

*The black wool coat,

*The Black Leather jacket (Zara has the best selection in my opinion because it's real leather, they offer different  prices ranges and they last for years. The one I have was my mum's NINE years ago and she gave it to me and its in perfect condition, so with this, it is worth spending the money.)

*The pop colour coat (red,pink,blue,white.)

*The Faux Fur Coat (leopard print is so timeless, as long as the print isn't cheap. It's one you do need to spend money on to get one that will last.

*The trench coat/mac in beige, red, black, keep it simple.

*The puffy parka (for those of you who love to be WARM above all else.)

*The Showstopper. That one coat that is so beautiful on it's own that you want to wear it as a dress. Just wait until you see it. 

 click here €28
 €79 click me
 €42 click me
 €35 click me
 €35 click me
 €27 click me
€114 click me
 €101 click me
 €30click me
 €34 click me

€5,225 I KNOW OK  if you can afford to click this i hate you

But it's just so beautiful..... Someday.....

So that's my round up of jackets, I tried to vary the prices as best as I can without compromising the quality. Happy Shopping!


Elisha :) xo

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