Sunday, October 20, 2013

These boots were made for walking..Men's Shoes..

Firstly let me apologise for completely neglecting the men's side of this blog, there were just so many pretty girl things to write about recently. But here is a whole post devoted to you men if you are reading, or if it's just your girlfriends/prospective partner looking for a few tips. It's not that we want to change everything about you, but if we could change one thing about some of you, it would probably be shoes. Wearing a nice outfit and then teaming it with that one pair of reliable black/brown dressy shoes you've had since your communion is an offense committed by many men. Just because they are at the bottom doesn't mean we don't see them. In my case, it's usually the first thing I see! I will reiterate the point that most men now pretty much know what they're talking about with style. Long gone are the days that dressing in a certain way labelled you with a particular sexuality. Men are wearing skinny jeans, tighter TShirts, and having fun with fashion which really just makes our quest of moulding you into what we want alot easier. So this post is devoted to shoes. I am an avid lover if brogues and chukka boots, on both men and women, but I did however try and squeeze in a few trainers! These are all available on ASOS. These should help select your perfect winter shoe that will take you from daytime-nighttime wear. 




River Island €60 

River Island €47



€202- I know they're really expensive but they're real suede and the colour is amazing- Ralph Lauren 





That's all for now, have a nice Sunday! :) 

:) xo 

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