Monday, October 14, 2013

Just another manic Monday...

Monday again, ugh. The weekend is so far away.. I remember not too long ago when weekends meant rushing home from college, shook, poor, and hungry; getting clothes washed quickly before heading back on the bus for a week of madness. Now, I live for weekends, with the allure of midweek drinking a much missed thing of the past. When I have a weekend off it feels like a holiday, even just for the three days. I try and balance my time between catching up with my sisters, wearing as many outfits as possible, and doing absolutely nothing. Saturday I headed in to town with mum and the girls wearing quite a casual look. 

Tshirt Celine Paris eBay link here: 

(Running a comp to win one, check out my Facebook page!) 
Jeans penneys (primark), belt penneys, 
Leather jacket Zara cheaper version from Romwe here: 

Scarf Zara: cool green ASOS scarf here: 

Boots New Look old stock 2years ago. 

Had a lovely chai latte in Costa too, it was yum! :) 

Today was mostly spent watching friends and gossip girl, researching for the blog, and alot of EATING. I'd say I've gained about two stone, thank god I'm not off every Monday. That's all for now.. 
Yes, Monday is nearly over. 

:) xo 

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