Thursday, October 03, 2013

'The world needs some excitement from fashion'

Here I quote the inspirational French Designer, Christian Lacroix. 
Never a truer word was spoken. In a world filled with angst, sadness, 'recession', and constant bad news filling our televisions and papers it has become second nature to accept the world as the media has painted it. However it's not all that bad is it? There will always be bad news, there will always be sad, heartbreaking stories, but if we are to focus on everything negatively, we may aswell thrown in the towel now. I'm quite a positive person, a trait that sometimes means I ignore problems and brush them under the carpet until it may be too late to resolve them; but I do generally try to have a positive outlook on life. As a wise person once said 'we're here for a good time not a long time'. That's not to say we should all ignore everything tough in life and live in some fantasy world- no, because then you miss out on the real world around you. What I am trying to say is that, we have control of certain things in our life, and style to most people is one of those things. Life is a bitch. Sorry to be blunt but it is. Maybe I'm mad, but, clothes are the one thing that will cheer me up when I've had a bad day. Fashion should be fun, and if you wear clothes with confidence than there really are no rules, only comfort. This post is about fun fashion, and a piece that has cropped up in recent fashion weeks, and that my personal style icon Carrie Bradshaw possibly began all those years ago- the tulle skirt. This is not for the faint hearted. But,  think everyone should try something once- this look won't be for everyone, but it's a personal favorite look of mine. I put it down to always wanting to be a ballerina but having two left feet so never being able to pursue that dream. Whether worn with a plain tshirt, an exaggerated collared shirt, a wooly jumper or a chiffon camisole, this is a look I have always loved. The longer lengths in this style are the most chic way to wear it, and also the most transferable for any age. Here are some pictures I found online of my favorite looks. I don't have links to buy any because my laptop only lasts for 10 minutes before it switches off so working off the phone until my sisters return from college! :/ 
This is one I bought on eBay for about €7, I hope it turns out nice when it arrives! 

The skirt that changed my life! (Almost) 

Now if any of ye have made it down to this point thanks for reading and whether you hate this style or love it, the moral is to just have fun with fashion and take risks, who cares if you look back in ten years and bury your hands in your head?! I once worse PURPLE leather trousers and a PINK SNAKESKIN leather jacket TOGETHER. I was 11, but still, and although I cringe looking at it, at the time I thought I looked gorgeous and it made me happy so really that's all fashion us about. Wearing what makes you happy. 


Peace & love :) xo 

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