Saturday, September 14, 2013

eBay, I think I love you.

I have always been a bit dubious about eBay.. I thought it was some hocus pocus site that sold old, used, REALLY cheap things on it, and i thought it was kind of dodge.. How Stone Ages of me? However, I recently signed up to a PayPal account and downloaded the eBay app and I can tell you my life has changed. It not only has very cheap clothes, mostly in excellent condition, but it is a haven for people like me who love rummaging through hundreds of bargains to find that one off piece of wardrobe gold. Kind of like Tk Maxx, but in the comfort of your home. Not only have they very good quality second hand clothes, but the Asian sites have new very cheap copies of high street and designer clothes. I'm sure every girl now must own the famous Zara Skort? It's gorgeous I have the white one, but I did find it creases a tiny bit easily...After seeing a blog by WildChildStories (one of my favorites) she posted some of her eBay bargains and a €5 skort featured. I was a little hesitant but ordered it to see what it would look like. After three weeks (it takes a bit long from Asia to deliver) my skorts arrived and they were CLASS! The material was alot thinner than their Zara counterpart but looked gorgeous on and didn't crease one bit! I have found some serious deals on eBay recently, and I love it because you can get one off pieces that no one else will have! My most recent purchase are these UHMAZING Valentino Rockstud copies, also from an Asian site. Now I would really love to own the actual Valentino Rockstuds but I'm a bit more club orange than champagne, so for the mean time until I'm rich these will do nicely. They don't photograph too well, but they actually have a 5.5inch heel and minus my HORRIBLE feet, look savage on. Here's the link I hope this works: 
I don't know if that worked but if it didn't il post it on my Facebook page. This is also a pic of a possible outfit for tomorrow night featuring the shoes, skort, a shirt from ASOS and Zara blazer.. :) But if you want something special in your wardrobe that no one else will have, at a great price then eBay is place for you. I will do a blog soon on tips to buying in eBay, a few things I've learned, and how to find the best clothes.  Try it out, but if you do fall in to spiralling debt because of it, call me and we'll walk to the dole office together in our Rockstuds. Good night Ya'll 

Peace :) xo


  1. Ohh I love your new shoes and that flowery blazer is just soo cute :)

    Lorraine x

  2. Thank you! :) ah I'm so in love, the link should be working there for the shoes, and the blazer was a total bargain only €20 on sale! X

  3. Fab Elisha ! When you say the Asian sites, what exactly are they ?! :)

  4. They're the sellers on eBay, they have their own online stores and sell through ebay. They're the best sites for really cheap good quality copies, or any clothing really. The sizing is a bit funny though, in my next blog il post a few links to the best sellers and give tips on sizing cus I have made a few mistakes in that department!!