Thursday, September 19, 2013

Another Day another Dollar..

Outfit today was a bit random but here it is nonetheless! :) I can't believe it's cold enough to wear scarves again, I am dighted though because this one is sooo cosy it's like wearing a sleeping bag around your neck. Yes. I had pictures that my sister took but they were terribly awkward and I looked like I was in pain so these are just a few I took myself in front of my humble mirror! I really must invest in a good camera... 

This is a jacket that my mum bought in Zara a few years ago and gave it to me, it's one of my favorite things in my wardrobe because it goes with everything. Black top underneath is from Dorothy Perkins, and the necklace us from Penneys. 

Close up of the chain, only €6 in Penneys today I love it, looks so much more expensive. 

This is a full view picture, showing the leggings and of course, a pair of brogues. Leggings from Topshop, brogues Gerry McGuires. 

I had this really cool kimono on underneath the jacket which I bought in Penneys years ago and forgot I had it. Love when you tidy your room it's like going shopping! :p 

Im uber smug in this picture. This really warm scarf is from Zara it's very long but I love wrapping it around loads of times for extra warmth! 

I've a day off on Monday I'm
Sooo excited about not wearing black! 

Goodnight y'all 

Peace :) xo 

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