Friday, September 13, 2013

let's here it for the boys....

My original plan was to blog on all things that interested me, fashion, food, shopping, skincare..MEN.. Now I don't mean blogging about my experiences with the male species -RELAX LADS- ye're safe(today)- I am referring to my desire to blog about men's fashion. This was an idea that seemed ALOT easier in the comfort of my mind; men's fashion is a bit of a minefield. Who am I, as a girl, to tell men what to wear? To be fair, men have come a long way in the world of style, dipping their toes in to the taboo that is the skinny jean, the button up collar, cardigans, leopard print and the occasional bow tie. Hat's off to ye lads, most of ye pretty much have it down. However, for the last few of you out there who want to update your wardrobe and branch out from the usual uniform of baggy jeans and a t-shirt, this blog may help. I haven't done enough research myself yet to advise on what styles suit what type of man, but I have done some research in to some fantastic men fashion blogs out there which will definitely help you along your journey to male style God. It might be something as simple as changing your everyday shoe to the very flattering and stylish brogue, wearing more simple clothes, such as plain tshirts, a black belt and straight leg jeans, but a simple subtle change can take you from 'sorry I actually have a boyfriend' to 'shift me right now'. Ok enough of my blathering, here are some sites that will help hopefully:

The first has to be of course Mr Paul Galvin; most men will be devout readers of his blog, and if you're not then you need to be. He gives great advice on style, and has more importantly helped lift the taboo of men actually being allowed to dress well and be straight.

I love this next blog, it's design is like an old western movie, and it has great tips on all things 'manly', well worth a look

this one is a female blogger, and is a great one if guys want a few tips on what styles suit them and what clothes will make them more attractive to any future fancies....

this one is great, if you love trainers, this is the blog for you. Also has some great random trivia and a facts that may be irrelevant but are still very interesting..

'Dressing like a grown up' sometimes you just have to accept the inevitable fate of growing up, this blog will help you decide how to make that transition without looking like you should be in a nursing home.

I'll leave it there, but I hope this helped, sorry if it didn't and I just wasted some of your valuable time! But if you take anything from this at all take this one piece of advice-bootcut jeans will NEVER look good on you. Just leave it out. Trust your girlfriend she really does know what she's talking about. Failing that, trust Paul Galvin, he's a feckin God.

Peace :) xo

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