Saturday, September 14, 2013

Back to black...

Today's blog title is in honour of the late great Amy Winehouse, who would have turned 30 today..So sad such an amazing talent wasted..

Today's Outfit is a bit more gothy than I normally wear but it was what I was feeling when I woke up at half 7 to get ready for work! :) I work everyday and our uniform is our own clothes but all black.. Now this sounds ok to most people but to me this has been a big transition, as my wardrobe consists mainly of flowers and colour. So everyday I try and put some of my personality in to my all black outfit, and depending on how early I get up I usually end Up looking like a boy wearing trousers and my signature brogues.

 I bought this floral headband in Penneys the other day for €2, because I have been lusting after a Rock & Rose crown for soo long but can't justify paying that much and risk looking like Jesus. But this headband is the perfect copy, it's a bit smaller too so more wearable, I'm in love with it! Loads of people in work said they liked it too, which may have been said I'm fear incase they thought I was some type of white witch that would put a hoax on them.. Either way I'm taking the compliment! 
 The leather skater dress I'm wearing is from penneys,with a penneys belt, 

I'm Wearing an ASOS black dress underneath and 
black brogues from Gerry Mcguires in town. 
 Apologies for the awkward posing, I'm not great unless it's half 2 in Brennan's on a Saturday night. I will work in it though. Also really loving my hair it's so easy to do in the mornings 5 minutes with a ghd and I'm out the door! 
That's all for now,have a nice Saturday evening! 

Peace :) xo 

A few random selfies showing off the headband! Oh necklace from topshop! 
Me at work today with my poison of choice.. A vanilla Latte... It's the reason I get up in the mornings. 
Nail polish is feckin brutal apologies. 

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