Wednesday, September 11, 2013

My style Icon...

A question a girl is always asked is 'who is your style icon'. This was a question that I always found hard to answer without giving a totally cliche answer. The truth is my style icon is the everyday girl on the streets of Dublin, Galway, New York, the street style girl who isn't afraid to take risks, who smiles at the people giving her unforgiving looks as she sashays down the street. My real style Icon is the real girl who exudes style with comfort, who can create an outfit on a realistic budget, and who takes chances and doesn't follow the latest 'trend'. However, there is one person who I have admired for years, who, if money were no object I would model my entire wardrobe on... I feel it cold be cheating as she is a fictional character, but if I was pushed to chose a name for my icon I would without hesitation choose Carrie Bradshaw. Simply because she doesn't make fashion a chore, she has fun with clothes and never succumbs to wearing an outfit that doesn't suit her just because it's 'in'. And yes, she has had her fair share of faux pas, but haven't we all? But even when she wore that dollar dress, she wore it with such sass and confidence that she totally pulled it off. I love her, watching SATC makes me so happy as I'm in complete awe of the clothes.. Now I realise I am referring to her as a real person, and I know the real stylist behind this is of course the genius that is Patricia Field, but to me, as a teenager Carrie Bradshaw was a real person, and my first taste of raw, fun, girlie style. I remember the first time I fell in love with her, I was never allowed watch SATC for obvious reasons- which arguably probably could have taught me a thing or two about men a few years in advance-I was walking past the sitting room and the theme song was playing at the start- it was like love at first sight. That skirt changed my life, and created a life long love affair with fashion.... I don't have one style I stick to, those of you who know me will agree that I'm much too indecisive and random to be tied down to one genre! One saying could wear my leather skater dress and white Docs, the next day I'll wear my pastel pink peplum skirt with ankle socks and heels and channel my inner Blair Waldorf. I get bored VERY easily, in all aspects of life, and clothes are no exception. I couldn't stick to being a certain type of style, I probably should but that's just me. We should all have fun with fashion, take risks- and the funny looks that accompany them-who cares? What's the worst that can happen? Oh look, I'm rambling. Great. The moral of this story is, clothes are not just something to cover up our bits, they are the only way a stranger is going to know your personality before you speak, what we wear says alot about us, and I want mine to say that I'm fun, girlie, and will 9/10 give you a migraine that only Nurofen Plus will curb, but I'm staying true to me. Ok I'm getting very deep, it's late, I'm sorry. I forgot that (hopefully) my friends will be reading this and I'm probably sounding like an absolute TOOL. On that note I will say good night! 
Peace :) xo 

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