Sunday, September 15, 2013

Papa don't preach...Ah Sundays.

Ah Sundays, they're great really aren't they? A day to do absolutely nothing and not feel one bit guilty. I usually work Sundays so was very excited to be off, i thought I might be let off going to mass, but sure as God the door was nearly knocked down at 11 by my mum to wake me. It's not that I don't like mass, I do, it was just so cold and windy today I wanted to spend all day in bed..! So when I was getting dressed I reached for my docs to be sure to keep me warm. Awful random outfit, if I was famous I'd def be in a 'what was she thinking?' page. But I did wear a class jacket I bought in penneys recently, it's very androgynous 80's, my favorite era and its really warm..It's a stone grey colour and it's a wool blend. An oversize fit and has really cool detailed check print under the collar. Great material and only €35. What did we ever do before penneys?! My day consisted of drinking tea and coffee, tidying my room, listening to UB 40
And having a lovely dinner. Terribly exciting. Jesus this was an awful boring blog sorry guys! I am working on a blog for guys which will contain links to cool winter clothes and a checklist for the perfect winter wardrobe. Anyway hope you're all having a wonderfully lazy Sunday, Monday tomorrow NOOO..
Also a little mention to my new baby cousin Sadhbh Alexandra, can't wait to meet her guys! :) 

Peace :) xo  

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