Thursday, September 12, 2013

What's new Pussycat...?

The kitten heel is something that has divided the world of fashion for sometime. Whether you're a lover of YSL-esque skyscrapers or the occasional closet wearer of Louis Vuitton style mini-heeled pointed courts, the kitten heel is that one piece of fashion that has been around forever and doesn't look like it's going to be banished anytime soon.. I for one am I devout lover of the kitten heel. I work in a very chic pharmacy and wearing 5 inch heels all day is simply not an option for me (Olivia I don't know how you do it) so when I'm not being lazy and wearing my brogues, I always turn to my mini heels. I have them in an array of colours and styles and I love every pair just as much as the last. They are the perfect day time shoe, making you feel that you are wearing enough of a heel to be feminine but not high enough that you risk breaking an ankle while selling 24 panadol. There is a common myth that kitten heels can't be stylish but ladies I disagree. Think Ms Hepburn in her iconic role in Breakfast at Tiffany's, and how amazing she looked in her simple black shift dress and black low heeled courts. I wear black everyday to work so on my days off I love nothing more than to wear something really colourful and girlie a d pop on a pair of my favorite heels to casually stroll around the streets of Ballina! I understand this is an opinion that will not be to everyone's taste but that's what fashion is all about, if we all wore the same thing we would look like robots...! Goodbye for now! 

Peace :) xo

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