Monday, September 30, 2013

My weekend adventures!

Hello everyone, I hope you all had a fabulous weekend and have all recovered somewhat! I had a lovely weekend, tapas with the fam on Friday, Saturday was spent at a five year old's Super Mario themed birthday party, headed out for a dance and a drink, and Sunday was nice and lazy as it should be! I was off today and did very little, watched gossip girl
All day, listened to JT's new album -AMAZING- tidied my room and read a bit! Ok enough of my pointless blurb and on to the clothes. The outfit I wore Friday is one of my favorite things I own. I love anything colourful, flowery, fun and girlie. The crazier the better-sometimes! This is a floral suit I bought on ASOS, I originally just bought the trousers and a couple of months later I bit the bullet and got the blazer, I love this suit because they look great worn together but are also so transitional with other outfits. I wore it with a lilac crop cami from topshop, my Rockstuds and a pastel necklace I got in Dorothy Perkins. I kept my hair minimal because the outfit was enough on it's own! I also wore a black feather clutch bag which slightly toughened up the outfit. 

Saturday I wore three outfits.. Yes, you heard right, three. I like to make the most of my days off. My family think I'm actually crazy. So outfit number 1, was a quick choice to run a few jobs in town! I wore utility style trousers from penneys, these look very cool with heels and are soo comfy. I also wore a green and blue tshirt I bought on eBay for €5, I have it in pink too they were so cheap but they really brighten up any outfit. I wore €3 runners from penneys also, I'm currently on the hunt for the perfect pair if cool trainers I can wear with any dressy outfit. And I threw on a chain so I fully looked like a prince of bel air reject! 
Next I wore a peach skort - €5 eBay, a pink cashmere style top-€6 penneys, the sneakers again and a pink floral headband. I funnily enough ended up
Looking like I came dressed up as Princess Peach. 

My last outfit was a cut out chain dress I 
bought on eBay (where else). I pulled the top in the middle so it was more of a racer style neckline and put a cross belt around the waist because I felt the cut out looked weird on me! I wore it with black strappy sandals. 
Yes I know I look AMAZING, make up
Is just a miracle worker isn't it? 

Ha I wish that was me! Sorry I actually don't have any pictures from the night i know very bad, I would take one now but I have been in pjs most of the day and don't want to scare you this late at night with no make up! 

So that's my weekend adventures in a very needless and long-winded manner, apologies! :/ 

Here's a wee collage of my day today!

Night you guys 

Peace :) xo 


  1. Love your lilac top! Its soo pretty! I wish I could take pictures as lovely as yours!

    Lorraine x

  2. Thank you! I think they could still have that colour in there, but its not in a crop version, they're so handy I have it in three colours! :) I use the 'pic fx' app to put the hearts on the pictures it makes them look a bit nicer! :) x